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Monday, May 23, 2005

Pug Meetup

Sunday was the pug meetup at Dog Wood park and it was absolutely fabulous!  The event was from 2pm-4pm and during that time the boys must have met 30 or more puggies (unfortunately, all the pugs weren’t there at the same time, but they trickled in and out during the two hour event).  The boys had a blast and even though it was pretty hot and humid, there was a small pond to cool off the pugs.  This guy really knew how to keep cool.

After the boys had some fun splashing in the pond, we took a walk on some of the fenced in trails.  Benjamin and Henry really love running back and forth on the trails.  Here is an action shot of the boys, Benjamin is in the lead (because Henry let’s him think he is faster)


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I love going to pug meet-ups. They’re so fun to watch run around.



we have two pugs (pug(girl)and bruiser(boy))
and we thought it would be good for them to interact with other dogs!




hi- i am looking for a Pug meet up in NY on longisland…if anyone knows of one please e-mail me


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