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Friday, March 4, 2011

Pug Weather

Henry and Luna

I think it is safe to say that the peak pug weather season is upon us in Florida. The skies have been blue and the temperature is perfect for the pugs. They can go on long walks without getting too hot, bask in the sun for hours and lounge around in the backyard. Trips to the beach are also possible in this weather. By the time summer rolls around, it is too hot for the pugs at the beach.

The picture above was taken during pug weather season in 2006. Like previous years, we will be doing as many outdoor activities as possible during this short window of perfect pug weather. Because, just around the corner is summer. And Florida summers and pugs just don't mix well.

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I totally agree with you Corrine.  Toby looks forward to his morning walks and loves this weather. Pretty soon, I will have to be getting him out “very early” as the heat and humidy is not good for the puggies.



Glad to read the wether is getting warm in your area!!  Today the wind chill is -17 !  but by sunday temp is suppose to be near +10 (still not beach weather!!)
I wish I could be at the beach to meet you and the pugs!

Thinking of you all, have a safe and fun weekend!!



What a splendid pic of the Miss and Handsome Henry.  We are beyond jealous to read of all this glorious puggie weather.  Corrine, I’ve asked before, but I will ask again…you must have room for two more pugs and one pug momma, c’mon, it’ll be fun, I’m a great cook!  lol

Today’s featured pug pic is to die for…What a diva in her bath…too cute!

So friends, I would like to share that this Sunday we will be celebrating in our household.  It is Mr. Cole’s 1 year Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary!!!!  Can you believe it has already been a year?  Seems like just yesterday I was talking about our road trip to pick him up!  In such a time of sorrow, he brought light and love to us and continues to do so each and every day.

Have a wonderful weekend all…stay warm for those of us suffering!!



I know you take thorough advantage of the good pug weather.  Hope this year it lasts a long time.

This is a busy weekend.  Happy Gotcha Day to Cole on Sunday with many hugs and smooches from me and my gang.  My how time flies by.  I wish my friend Lucy a Happy Birthday today, and I share her birthday as well, as I celebrate my 69th birthday.

Here’s to a good weekend.



Happy Birthday Sue VDB (and to your friend too)!!!!  May this be a year of health and happiness!!



Happy Birthday Sue VDB! Hope you have a wonderful B-day, wishes for many more, and to yoru friend as well.
Happy Gotcha Day Cole!!  one year hard to believe!!
Hope you have a great weekend!!



Well, we’re still waiting for pug weather here in Maine.  16 below this morning - not good pug weather at the other end of the spectrum!  They cower by the door, begging NOT to go out!!

Karen B.


Wow, this is truly a great weekend!  Happy Birthdays and Gotchas and anything else that’s going on…I just have a plain old weekend…LOL!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and here’s hoping the weather in your area turns fair very soon!



Corrine - you are teasing all of us who have no beach to go to, or, for that matter, warm weather.  Ummm, Benny seems to be missing, unless he’s the one taking the picture.

Sue VDB - Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you…(I can’t sing) but the well wishes are certainly there for you.  Do the number of years matter to you?  I feel about 18 inside and look about 92 on the outside.

Terry - 16 below.  That’s criminal.  Hope you survive that with good humor.  See, that groundhog is messing with us!

Heather - it certainly does not seem that it could be a year already.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that you ‘gotcha’ him?

Weekend Pug hugs for everyone.

Huckle & the Swamp Pugs.



Thank you Heather and Pat for the birthday wishes. I am truly blessed.  I’ve had phone calls, numerous facebook messages, ecards and snail cards. 

Huckle, thank you too for the birthday wishes, and no age doesn’t bother me, but I wonder where the years have gone.  I was only 40 yesterday. Yesterday I tell you.



the picture of Henry and Luna at the beach is perfect yes Florida is having beautiful weather the gang are going out and laying in the sun a lot but soon it will be to hot
Heather give cole a special hug for his gottcha day it is hard to believe its been a yearwe also want some more pictures of him

SueVDB hope you and your friend have a very happy birthday with many more to come
Have a great weekend everyone ENJOY



Huckle, it’s funny because it does feel like just yesterday we “gotcha’d” him, but also feels like he’s been here forever…

Thank you to all of you for the warm happy gotcha anniversary wishes.  I told Cole this morning that I knew all of OBP would be sending him love once I told what day it was! 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Corrine - OBP


Happy Birthday, Sue and Happy Gotcha Day, Cole!  I hope you both enjoy your special days!



Aww, this makes me miss my pug (I’m away at college). Wish I could take her to the beach too. Yours pugs are adorable!



Am I seeing this right?  Pugs with their feet in WATER?  I have to push mine out with my foot if there is so much as dew on the grass wink.



usually pugs and water don’t mix lol,at least mine don’t this looks great hope you enjoyed.



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