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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Pugs Bunny

Last night we got a break from the humidity and enjoyed a rather nice Florida evening.  The boys were in the yard romping around along with Cupid, the cat, and Lou, our bunny.  At 9 years old, Lou is actually the oldest of the group and he has a very patient disposition.  He loves to play tag with the cat and he doesn’t mind hanging out with the boys either.

Benjamin absolutely adores Lou.  He really looks up to his big brother (er, well he admires him, but he has to look down to see him).  So after wrestling with Henry, Benjamin went to hang out with his brother Lou.

Here is a shot of the whole gang hanging out in the yard.


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What a great story.  The last picture shows pure contentment.  As a fairly new member of this site, I will thoroughly enjoy your flasbacks.



I’m with you Sue, I love this story, and these repeats are new to me too!  The bunny Lou C is so very cute.  I friend used to have a lop-earred bunny and I always enjoyed playing with him. 
I think it’s a great testatment to your home that all sorts of species can live happily together.  Sort of like the Piped Piper or Dr. Doolittle!
Condolences on Lou C.  I know it’s been a couple of years, but missing them only changes, it never really goes aways.



I noticed the mat at the pool door.  I have the garden flag that is just one of those pugs, I think it’s the left half.  When we first got the pugs and I put out the flag, they barked up a storm.  Rascal would even attack it. lol Silly pugs!



How freakin’ cute is that?!! Animal Planet in your own yard! If only humans of a different “species” could co-exist…

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