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Friday, February 11, 2011



Yesterday morning, when I got up to feed the dogs, I could hear the rain beating down on the roof. I knew in about 5 minutes, after the pugs finished scarfing down their breakfast, they weren't going to be happy campers.

The morning routine is that after they finish eating, the pugs let themselves out through the doggie door and go potty in the yard. They promptly return to bed after that.

As I stumbled around still bleary eyed, I heard Benjamin go out through the doggie door. Less than one second later, he came right back in. He stood there looking around, weighing his options. Could he hold it and go right back to bed? Probably not, because just knowing that it is raining outside makes Benny have to go potty. Would I allow him to pee through the screen from the cover of the lanai? That was a risky move because he knows how I feel about the boys peeing on the screens.

So, I told him we would do our summer thunderstorm potty trick. I would take him out front and he could go potty on some flowers by the front door while remaining under cover. Except that it is not summer and the flowers that the pugs normally potty on have all but shriveled up and died because of the cold winter weather.

Knowing what he is supposed to do, but not having the flowers he likes to pee on, Benjamin is pacing. Finally he gets up the courage to sprint out to one of the flowers, go potty real quick and sprint back. I open the door and he runs as fast as he can back to bed.

Seeing the ordeal that Benjamin just had, Luna decides that she can hold it and promptly goes back to bed. I know she can, so I let her go back to bed without going potty.

Henry, on the other hand, proceeds out the doggie door, business as usual. He may or may not even notice that it is raining. Either way, it doesn't matter, because he doesn't care. He is his usual dawdling self. He eventually, comes back in, very wet from his time in the yard and hops back into bed. I encourage him to lay next to Ben.

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What a delightful story.  The different personalities emerge once again. I’m wondering how long this entire process took.  Poor Bennie had quite a dilema.  I love Henry’s attitude…regardless of the circumstanes when you gotta go, you gotta go.



Too funny!!  I think my boy is more like Henry… will go out and get around to doing his business no matter the weather.  The other night we had a rain, I put his vest on, and he wanted to go for a walk.. go figure.
They are too cute!! 
wishing everyone and their families a great winter weekend!!



I love reading stories about your puggies, makes my day!!!



I love their distinct personalities, and your storytelling!

mary castagnoli


What a great rendition of a Rainy Day Morning in Pugsville!  Really enjoy the way you capture your puggers’ personas.



What a great story Corrine I think its funny how different they can be my group hate the rain and refuse to go out in it which they get no choice I make them just long enough to potty but when they come in they are not very happy with me yet Baxter one of my boxers nothing bothers him he will go out in rain or shine hope everyone has a great weekend enjoy

Karen B.


Yay, it’s Friday!  Happy weekend to all!

That’s a great story and I can identify with it!  C.J. doesn’t care what the weather is as long as he gets to go pee on things.  Toeby on the other hand won’t leave the covered patio and will resort to peeing on the patio support!  He knows he’ll get yelled at, but Heaven forbid his feet should get wet!



I loved reading how each one has their own approach to the rainy morning!  I was already laughing, but when I read the last line, “I encourage him to lay next to Ben”, I fell to pieces!

You write so well!

Karen B.


Martha, it took me a minute (I’m a little slow some times)but when I went back and reread the last sentence, I finally caught on!  Hilarious!

Hellen Norton


At least the gang only had rain!!!! Our gals had to try slinding down the ramp..The problem with thid method is someone has to go bring them back up!! Grandson job. With noone here I have potty pads in my bathroom and they know th routine!

patty v


love it! olive could hold it too…must be a girl thing. we put in a raised garden last year and she loves that cause when it’s raining she just goes under the garden to take care of business!



LOVE this post!  I’m late today and running around like a crazy woman….can’t wait to be back in my pug sanctuary!!  Happy weekend to all, stay warm AND dry!!!



My name is Frank. I dig your blog.

If you get the chance, come dig mine.




Corrine - you are one heck of a storyteller and I go with the others in capturing Henry, Benjamin and sweet Luna and their individual selves.

Hellen - Potty pads are better than the alternative!



Frank, just saw your cute blog.  I have it saved so I can log in on Sunday.



Frank, I just visited your blog.  It is a thoroughly enjoyable site about a very patient Pug.  Dressing a Pug is one thing, getting them to pose for the camera is another. Frank steps right up to the camera.

Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs

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