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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reading Up


Once again, Benjamin is showing the dedication the pugs have to keeping up with current events.

Between the pugs and Cupid, it is nearly impossible to read a newspaper around here. The cat is far worse than the pugs at stealing the newspaper. We have to trick her into laying on the sections that we have already read. But even that doesn't work most of the time.

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Awww…Benny I just want to kiss your precious face smile  ad silly Cupid!



Current Events family for sure…as long as they don’t want to look at the funnies at the same time!!
Looks like Benny didn’t find anything interesting in todays paper.




Definitely looks like Ben is incredibly bored with today’s news.  *giggle*  He is just too handsome for words and I just have to kiss his wrinkles in this lifetime…Corrine, I’m comin’ to Florida!  LOL

Love you Baby Benny!!!!



Heather, I am with you.. gotta meet this amazing trio and Corrine too!  ( and you wonderful pug people…you get it.. need I say more!)  Would love to give Benny’s wrinkles a smooch!



Love the chin rest Benny. Pip always needs one too. Smooches to you!!!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Looks like Benny is as tired of the lousy news as the rest of us!



Looks like Benny is bored with the news

Gwen aka Lilo n me


So cute Benny. I think pugs are head heavy period, can’t blame them for taking a load off. Even now on occasion if Lilo leans to far forward trying to get a closer sniff or look at something she starts to tip, back legs off the ground. Scares the heck outta her, but totally cracks me up!

Lilo will often come sit right in the middle of the paper i’m reading. I’m pretty sure it’s because she thinks i could be doing something more important, like playing!

Hellen Norton


Uhmm Ben hopw the news is not all bad. Did you check out the sales for canned punking…could be more punking bread in your future if you show Mom!!

pug mama


where’s your bifocals, Ben?

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