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Friday, November 28, 2014



Every time we took Luna to the beach, she inevitably ended up with at least one sandspur stuck in her paw. (Her first trip to the beach might be an exception. Honestly, I don't remember much else after she took home most of the sand on the beach in her eyes.)

I don't know what it was about her that made her a sandspur magnet. The boys would run and play on the same beach and not getting any of the evil sandspurs stuck in their paws.


However, that all changed on our last trip to the beach. On Sunday, Henry got not only one, but two sandspurs stuck in his paw! I guess someone needs to carry on the sand spur tradition.

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sue wooding


I think this is a sign that Luna is watching over Henry I love the picture of Luna I really miss her and Benny

Christie Sachde


Maybe Henry didn’t mind so much since it reminded him of his sister:)



Not a good thing to get sandspurrs in ones paw!!
However, I will take it as a sign from the Divine Miss Luna, that all is well and she is with us.  xo

Sue VDB and Annie Fannie


Luna must have whispered in Henry’s ear to pick up a couple of sandspurs to remind you of her, and Henry, being the sweetheart he is, obliged.

Sue States


Poor Luna and now poor Henry. We have goat heads here and they HURT paws and feet alike. Hope Henry isn’t taking up where Luna left off. Pug hugs from pastor sue & the Colorado 2



OUCH!!!! Those have to hurt little pug paws. Be strong Henry. I’m sure mommy made it all better.

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