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Monday, October 26, 2009

Solsey Playing

The pugs all got baths yesterday and after their time in the tub each one of the pugs was pretty fired up. For once, I managed to get a video of Sol playing. I simultaneously shot the video and played with Sol so the camea is a little all over the place. The game - catch the camera. You'll see she came close a few times.

I just adore that little girl!

Sol Playing from obp on Vimeo.

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Had tears as i laughed so hard sol is so precious and she can move as i couldn’t believe the way she was running past the others to chase you as it made my morning so wonderful.Sol you are a precious angel,you made this a special morning.



Awwwww Sweet Sol!!!  You’ve got some moves lil’ lady!!!  You look so very happy…brought a huge smile to my face!  Lots of love to all!



I LOVE SOL’S VIDEO!!!!  You go precious Sol smile  I especially love the close-ups!  What a great way to start the week!  Thank you sweet Sol.  We love you (and Benny, Henry, and little Luna too!)



YEY!  I luff the granny Sol:D



Sol has been holding out on us!  Girl has some moves!



I loved it, too!  Everything about her puts a smile on my face!



Thanks I needed that this morning!  So cute!

Darci and Abbey the Pug


Sol is just adorable!  Thanks for the video; I needed it too.  One question, “Where’s Luna?”  Everyone else seems to be present.  I loved to see you play so hard Sol!!



Aw, Sol, how could anyone not adore you? Outside of your mom that is.  Your eyes show you are having fun with Mom.  Thanks for making us smile this morning. 

Yesterday I was surronded by about 40 pugs at our Halloween meetup.  Romeo is exhausted today and I have many picture to sort through.  Two little girls in particular melted my heart…Chloe, a little fawn who is deaf and stuck very close to her mama, and Billy, a little black pug who scootered around with wheels.  She has an arthritic back and bad back knees, but she was all over the place.



Sol looks like she has peppers my pugs are the same way after baths or when they go in there doggy pool

Lucy's Mommy


So, I’m guessing you were wiping pug snot off the camera lens after this?!

Karen B


Solsey you have given me a great smiley moment this morning!  Dashing, dizzying, darlingness!  And yep, I love her toooooo!

Sol is just perfection!!!! I love her, she made my day! PS you are smart, anytime I do a video of the puggers like this, I annoyingly coo sweet words at them and then sound like an iddddiot when I play back!

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