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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sweet Spot

Henry & his knucklebone

These knucklebones must be pretty yummy for Henry to give up part of his bed so that the bone may rest comfortably.  This particular bone is one of the rejects.  Meaning, on the night the knucklebones were given out, this was not the one bone chosen by the pugs that they all wanted to chew.  So, it will sit, untouched for days until someone starts chewing on it and makes it interesting enough for all the pugs.  In the meantime, Henry is being a hospitable host.  Yesterday, when I walked by the bone was in the center of the pillow and Henry was sleeping between the wall and the pillow!  Which of course made me shake my head because Henry will give up his bed for a bone, but won’t budge for me when I need him to scoot over a bit so I can get my whole body on the bed at night.  The boy obviously doesn’t know where his pumpkin bread is buttered.

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What a funny scenario about the rejected bone (for the time being).  I can just picture Henry between the wall and the pillow so the bone has a place of honor.

Oh, Henry knows quite well where his pumpkin bread is buttered.  He simply knows his mom is a soft touch and doesn’t worry about such things. Pugs are smart little buggers and they know they are cute, adorable and can get away with lots of things.



We’ve seen here in our house that when we have a visitor, seeing them play with or chew on something makes that object becomes oh so desirable!



Same here with our guys.  Something can lay around for ages and be ignored, but once the other pug decides to play or chew on it, it becomes valuable.  They often view us the same way.  If one comes to lay on or by us, even if we aren’t giving attention, the other HAS to come over and join in.  In the case of Rascal, he’s got to come and push Biscuit out of the way.  Silly puggies.

Karen B


Carla, Toeby will actually come and bite C.J. and push him out of the way to get on our lap!  I scold Toeby and tell him not to be jealous.  Plenty of lap to go around!  And yeah, the toys are played for territory in our house too!  Hilarious to watch, sometimes painful for C.J. cuz Toeby doesn’t always play nice with his bro!



Ha…this was a great one!  Made me smile…You’re a sweet boy Mr. Henry…



It always amuses and amazes me the various ways they fall to sleep!



Hey…when will the 2009 calender be up?



The comment “The Boy obviously doesn’t know where his pumkin bread is buttered”  really cracked me up.



A “rejected” bone??!!?? That would NEVER happen in our house! I could hand out 6 bones and everyone would think the other got a better bone…..Pugs are sooo entertaining!



This post is SO TRUE.

My 2 babies are like that too.  They both ignore something that I have given them, until the other one has it.

Hooie has taken to sleeping on the floor next to his bed because his big ham bone is in the middle…..

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