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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Infamous Dog Bed

The Infamous Dog Bed

On cool days, the boys like to lounge outside my office door in the screened-in part of the yard.  They are out there a lot soaking up the sun’s rays so awhile back I thought I would buy them a nice, comfy, outdoor bed.  The bed is meant to be used outdoors and it keeps them up off the ground.  The way it is constructed the bed part sags in the middle so it is kinda like a little hammock.

When the bed finally arrived, I was very excited and as soon as I put it together I knew the boys would just love it.  Well it turns out that the boys were less than enthused.  They wanted nothing to do with the new bed and instead they opted to either sleep on one of the chairs outside or even the ground.

So the bed just said outside for a few weeks and then I noticed that the cat started using it.

Cupid on the dog bed

The cat found it plent cozy and started spending a fair amount of her time napping in the bed.  Well, wouldn’t you know that as soon as the cat started using the bed, the boys started to show some interest and suddenly the bed was good enough for them to sleep on.

So the once never used bed is now the favorite outdoor sleeping spot for everyone.


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What a funny story.  Isn’t that the way with pugs.  You treat them royaly and they turn their little noses, but as soon as another baby shows all the interest, suddenly it becomes the favorite object of all times. Cupid had to show Henry and Benny the way.



Hubby and I were talking about the same idea a couple of nights ago, on the subject of toys.  My family has always said it of kids, but it applies to pets, too.  You buy fancy toys for the kids and they play with the box. lol
The newest “toy” for the guys that night was a tough screw-on empty pill container.  Hubby had dropped accidently dropped it on the floor when he was filling the pill containers, and Rascal had started playing with it.  Now they each have one of their own, but, of course, which ever the other one is playing with is the favorite of both.  Silly pugs!

Hmmmm, I think I could make one of the beds. lol



Probably upon their initial investigation, the hammock-bed wasn’t cushy enough for the boys.  Pugs do looooove to be comfy.  But Cupid made them think twice, didn’t she!

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