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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Results


The results of the pathology report came back and unfortunately it is not good news. The tumors sent for testing were malignant. The silver lining to this dark cloud is that there were clean margins. The pathology report also notes "no evidence of lymphatic or vascular invasion is seen." The tumor is what they consider a grade II mammary carcinoma (intermediate grade of malignancy) and the overall prognosis is guarded. The recommended next steps on the pathology report is to have a chest x-ray because this type of tumor has the potential for metastasis and usually does so in the lungs. Luckily, we had a chest x-ray done before she even had surgery and we know the lungs are clear at this time.

Where do we go from here? Well, no where really. We have dealt with things pretty much as best we can. The tumor has been removed and we have clean margins, which is absolutely fantastic. But the reality is that Sol has had two malignant tumors removed in less than a 12 month window.

We are appreciating every day we have with Sol. Each night when that little lady props her butt up on my pillow, I give her a big 'ole kiss and say, "Good night Solsey Baby!" And when I wake up in the morning with a stiff neck from sharing my pillow with her I look forward to all the little things that just make Sol Sol.

I don't know how things are going to play out and I'm not sure if I want to know. I had my day of doom & gloom yesterday, but now I am trying to be more positive. No matter how many tomorrows there are it will never be enough. So I am just hoping that the ups and downs of this roller coaster are all at the beginning and that we can have a smooth ride for a bit.

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I am sitting here in tears at the results of the biopsy. However, think of the positive, clear margins which is good news. Take one day at a time and enjoy every day you have her. She is such a sweet and beautiful little puggy and is loved by so many. Remeber, think positive.



We can continue to pray for you and for Sol!  I know many human cancer survivors (including myself) and we do what you said—take each day as it comes and enjoy it.



We will continue with prayers for all of you, and yes, enjoy each day no matter what.
We are with you as much as we can be, sharing your joys and heartache.



Staying positive is the best thing that you can do for her (and you).  You never can tell how these little dogs will surprise you and we are all so lucky to have her in our lives now.  It’s so good that she has come to be with the family she has and is already ahead of the game (xrays good, clean margins) We are always thinking of your guys. Big hugs for each of you!



Rats!  I hate that the results were not great…good with the margins, bad with the malignancy.  As we know, Sol is a strong fighter and she will work hard to stay with her fabulous forever family for as long as God will allow.  Sol and you will continue to be in our prayers.  Enjoy all of Sol’s quirks and personality and know that she is enjoying the best life possible, surrounded by your love.



I’m sorry that Sol’s tumors were malignant.  For what it is worth, my pug Tulip, had similar malignant tumors removed when she was 8, and she is now 16 and has never had a recurrance.  So there’s hope for Sol!



Thank goodness for the clean margins.  We too will continue to send our prayers and positive thoughts for you all.  Sol is certainly a gift that was sent to you.  Do like you said, take each day as it comes and enjoy all the wonderful, special times each day brings.  Stay strong little Sol…we love you (and Benny, Henry, and Luna too).

Pug hugs and kisses from Annabelle, Piper, Tessa Grace, and Marley!



I think we all share your feelings on this matter, and we’re all crying for Sol. I’m so sorry this was the test result, but we’re here for you when you need to vent or cry or whatever. ((hug)) My prayers continue to be with you and yours.



I’m so sad about the pathology report.  You’re right about the clean margins being good news, and I’m glad about that.

Corrine, your attitude is wonderful!  When I read “no matter how many tomorrows there are, it will never be enough”, I thought that sums it all up.  I hope you and Solsey (Benjamin, Henry, and Luna too) have many, many tomorrows!



Oh, Sol is my favorite pug of your bunch and I wish her nothing but a speedy recovery and more love from the ‘kids’ and her fantastic humans!  She is so lucky to have you.

On another note, I’m wondering how you explain to a bunch of patrons how their librarian is crying over a dog she’s never met but loves all the same?



Oh Corrine, I am so sad and happy by this…Sad because it is very sad because this is the reality of Sol, but happy because she is living in a wonderful home, has wonderful owners, and will live out the rest of her life in this environment.

I guess that is what you have to focus on, and remember when you have your days of gloom.  As a person that lost a very dear Pug very early in her life, sometimes that is all that helps when faced with the reality of a situation like this.  Brings tears to my eyes to be honest, but staying positive is key.

Give her a big hug and a kiss from me, Hooie and Tina.  She is always on my mind.



Corrine, there is nothing new I can add to the other posts.  Please hang onto what Sandy and Elizabeth have posted.  You know we are all with you and Solsey in our hearts, and we truly are with you whenever you need to post.  This picture of Solsey looks like a happy little one.  Please give her a kiss and hug for me.



We are sad to see the news about Sol. We think you have done so much for this little pug in such a short time. You are her life saver! We hope you get to share your pillow with her for a long time! And thank you for taking such great care of her and never giving up. You are a true hero in our eyes!



Sol was brought to you for a special purpose, and you have shared her with us for a special perpose to.  Her little life has touched and blessed so many people through you. Yes, God can use anything, even a pug.  I will continue to pray for Sol.  Her life has served a purpose, and will continue to do so.  Keep lovin her, and sharing her with us and being the good pug mommy that you are.



Please know you and sol are in our thoughts and prayers here as well as we love little sol so much and we’re in tears here but,they are strong little dogs and as others have said you just treasure every day and every moment together as i to lost my first angel girl i just treasured every minute as we all will treasure every minute with our precious sol,as she is a part of all our families.

mary castagnoli


With the tremendous care and happy, happy family life she shares with all of you, I feel the odds are stacked in her favor for living many more healthy years!
She is a lucky little Sol to have found you, and all of our hearts are much bigger to know HER!!!
Here’s to HAPPY, HEALTHY Days (and years) ahead for you-all!!

Karen B


When I saw “The Results” on the blog, I held my breath, only to let out a huge sigh of sadness.  After I read your post and the responses, I really don’t have anything to add that hasn’t already been said.  I second all of these emotions and will continue to hope and pray for you and Sol.  There is always hope!  And you are right, there will never be enough days but cherish what you have.  Life is fleeting and every moment precious!  This is just another of God’s reminders…



I am so sorry about the news on the tumor but I know you will take very good care of her and she is very loved when I look at sol she reminds me of my sweet daphne which was a black pug who had cancer she was treated for it and she was with me for two and a half more years they are very special babieswho we love with all our heart

I can’t explain what draws me to Sol so much. SO glad about the margins! I really wonder why God has dealt her these cards, and like you mentioned in posts before, I wonder what she went through as a puppy and what her “previous life” was like. I really wish I could just hug her!!!!!!!!!!! Keep that cute little chin up, Solesy!



Like I say, appreciate the time that you have while you still have it! Good news with the clean margins, cancer is nothing to mess with and I think you and your family are doing just GREAT!!
Give Sol (and the rest of the kids) big PUG kisses from Bentley and Sofie!!
We are keeping you all in our prayers!!



So so sorry to hear about Sol.  I really love coming to your blog everyday to see pics of the pups.  There is just something about little Sol that I just love. 

I’m praying that the time you have is long…



I know Solsey is a strong girl and she will be around for years to come!  Please check out this website http://www.outsmartyourcancer.com/  I’ve heard many things about this Cancel/Protocel treatment but a man I work with used it for his 4 yr old puggle who was diagnosed with cancer so bad that they sent him home for his last days.  He was at the point of not eating and was bleeding anally.  He started the Protocel treatment 3 months ago and the cancer is GONE!  He’s back to his old self!  There are many testimonials on the website.  Please check it out, it’s not expensive!!!

(((((((HUG)))))))) Sol!!!!!

From Beauregard, Genevieve and Boston!!!!



I am so sorry about the results Corrine. We all had our fingers crossed for you.

I know a bit about breast cancer so know that clean margins are wonderful news as well as the fact that it hasn’t spread to her lymph nodes. 
In humans the next step is usually chemo and/or radiation but that wouldn’t be fair to poor Sol.

I am sure you will have her for a long while before the cancer spreads or comes back.
I bet she will enjoy her new wheels as well!



What you are going through takes courage. Sol’s life is so much more wonderful and your life made that much more beautiful and meaningful because you share in each other’s lives.
In my heart and thoughts I am holding onto knowing that you, Sol, Luna, Henry, and Benny will share many more years together.
Sol is a blessing. Thank you for sharing all your babies with us.
Love you Solsey.



“Live without fear, your Creator loves you.”
          ~St Francis of Assisi



I just want to ‘ditto’ what everyone else here has said.
I love Sol dearly, and I feel confident that she has lots of good time left in your wonderful family. You provide her with wonderful care and unconditional love, she is a lucky girl to be with you!

Mandy Reid


Pug hugs and Pug love from me and Rosco.  It sounds like you are on the right track in thinking positive.



Oh sweet Sol. I will continue to keep you and Sol in my prayers. Hang in there, you are so strong to share your story with all of us.



I think we’re all gonna just have to “Sol it up” and follow her example.  That poor girl has been through so much and is still a happy, pillow restin’, pugkin bread stealing diva.  How much more can you ask for?

Look at the silver lining; clear margins, she’s got a great family, and tons of us in the blogosphere who love and cheer for her.

We love you Solsy! Hang tough!

- Melissa & co.

Patty B.


My heart goes out to Sol, you and your entire family.  I wish only the best for all of you.  No matter what the outcome, be comforted in knowing that you have given little Sol a forever, happy home and if she could tell you, I know she’d say that she is and will be eternally grateful and that she’ll love you all forever.  Be well, precious Sol and know that we are all pulling and praying for you.  With much love, Patty, Rocky, Adrian, and Gulliver

Darci and Abbey the Pug


“Carpe Diem!”  We love you Sol!!

Pug kisses!



Our heart goes out to you and little Sol, she is such a fighter and a sweetheart.  Hugs and kisses Solsey!  We will keep you in our prayers.

Janelle Woodward


I love this quote from ‘The Once Again Prince’ by Irving Townsend, it seems to describe how we feel about our furbabies so well.

“We who choose to surround ourselves with lives even more temporary than our own live within a fragile circle, easily and often breached. Unable to accept it’s awful gaps, we still would live no other way. We cherish memory as the only certain immortality, never fully understanding the necessary plan.”

Enjoy every day with Sol you have made her life so wonderful.



Corrine, I’ve been in bed for over 36 hours with a migraine and am just now able to see straight…well, not any more given the tears…There are no words…Just continued love, care, concern, and prayers from us to you and Solsey…

Heather, Baxter, and Riley



I can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said but I did want to let you know you’ve been in my thoughts all day.  Sol is so very lucky to have found you, no matter how late in her life it was.  Thank you for sharing her with us.  Much love to you and your family.

sue s


WOW!! SO many comments-SOl-Your are so loved! And Corrine, we are here for you, Hnery, Benny & Luna,too! Remember Love conquers all-so Solsey is will be with us all for as long as she can be! And when that time comes, as it comes for all of us, we will be here,too,with wet eyes & heavy hearts-heavy with the joy of having had SOl touch us with so many memories and her sweet face! Prayers & Peace from the Colorado 3-Beauty, Daisey & me

Karen B


Janelle, that’s beautiful!  Thanks for sharing.  And it does say it so well!



Sol is one tough little trooper!  We continue to keep you all in our daily thoughts and prayers….none of us know what this world holds for us next…..grab each day with gusto!



GOD works in mysterious ways,it is a miracle that Miss Sol is with the loving family that she is. My Gabby and me will have our paws in prayer for you guys, GOD BLESS YOU!!!



Can I have a basal cell carcinoma on my foot?Has this happened to anyone, what I thought was a wart is infact a basal cell carcinoma. How was it treated if this happened to you.

sue s


Hi Melasma, I have never had a basil cell carcinoma, but it is my understanding that these can be on any part of the body. Will you be having this removed? Will hold you in prayer that it is benign. Pug-hugs from the Colorado 5

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