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Monday, May 23, 2011

The Solsey Pouch renamed to The Luna Bag


As you open today’s OBP news, you may be asking, "Why is Luna in the Solsey pouch?!" Well, it is a long story, so readers, brace yourselves.

This photo was taken on the same day that Benny was in the Solsey Mobile. Last Monday night Benjamin dislocated his shoulder and we went to the emergency vet that night. Well, Tuesday was a pre-planned visit for Luna to go to AVS (Affiliated Veterinary Specialists) in Maitland about 50 miles from our home.


Luna has been in need of what they affectionately call the “nose package” which is the same surgery that Benjamin had done about a year or so ago. It is when they remove some soft tissue from the back of the throat, widen the nasal passages, and remove the air satchels all in the efforts to assist with breathing and respiratory challenges.

Additionally, over the last year, we have been noticing some other small but recently increasing concerns with Luna’s gait. During breaks on walks (like while waiting for her brothers to go potty) she stands still but her rear leg or legs will tremble. She is no longer confident jumping up on the sofa or bed and she has simply just fallen over for no apparent reason twice.

When her legs first started to twitch or shake we didn’t really think much of it. In the beginning, as it would usually happen towards the end of long walks we figured she was just tired (like a marathon runner whose legs are like cooked spaghetti noodles at the end of a race). Since she has to take about 3-4 steps for every human step and a step or 2 for each of her brothers then her pace was always quicker in relation to her body size. Well, when we realized that Luna was hesitant to eat we knew there was a major issue. We sort of put the whole thing together when offering her food closer to her face she would gobble it down as usual. Luna was apparently hurting so badly when bending her neck to get to her food dish that she would just rather not eat than to have to put herself in that position to eat.

So, we took her to our usual vet and he put her on an anti-inflammatory medication in order to see if that would help by reduce any back/neck swelling. It is also a pain reducer (its like doggy Tylenol). This was a 2 week dose. And while it helped some, it did not work considerably well.


Over time, we worked on managing the problem in other ways, too. We created a raised food dish for her so that she doesn’t have to bend over so far to eat. That has seemed to help tremendously in the area of eating. We shortened her walks so that the condition wouldn’t continue to be exacerbated. And when all of these things were not correcting the problem sufficiently, we took her back to our vet who recommended x-rays and warned that while that was a good start, a CT scan and/or MRI would likely be necessary to see what the problem was truly.

So, you can fast forward (or rewind-depending on how you look at it) to Tuesday. Tuesday was the day that she had the appointment with the specialist to decide how to move forward with the nose package and the neck/back issues. The appointment was for 10 AM. This means leaving the house around 8:30 AM (and Luna had to fast for this appointment since at the specialist’s office they never know if they will have to sedate the patients to do testing). So, out we went.

We got to the specialist’s office and the internal medicine doctor consulted with the neurologist. X-rays were performed on a mildly sedated Luna. They showed a "lesion" on her vertebrae in her neck. We were reassured that it was not a tumor or cancer but more like an area of swelling or a slipped disc. In discussing the options for treating Luna, between us, the specialists and our own vet, we are all on the same page with the upcoming events. That is: today, Luna will go under the knife to get her nose package done. While under, they will perform the CT scan. If the CT scan shows something that needs to be surgically repaired, then they will do that surgery tomorrow. The specialists shared that two short episodes of anesthesia is better than one long episode. And hopefully, she will not need the second go ‘round. Hopefully, whatever the CT scan shows will be able to be treated some other way.

So, getting back to why is Luna in the Solsey pouch? Well, the specialists tell us to keep her "on bed rest" for 6 weeks (regardless of surgery or not but if neurosurgery could be even longer). This is no small feat! She is a wiggly, feisty, willful little alpha female pug that won’t be stopped! So, we are doing our darnedest to keep her still. This is why last night we took Benny out in the Solsey Mobile and Luna out in the Solsey pouch. Henry actually had to walk. Benny is on rest until the end of the week and Luna for 6 weeks.

We are definitely not sure how exactly we will accomplish all of this but we will make it work. Somehow we always do. And somehow the pugs always get with the program, too.

So, we will keep you posted with the details of today's surgery and what the C/T scan reveals about Luna's back.

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:(  Getting old is such a pain!

She is pretty darn cute in the pouch though…..



All i can say is “OMG”!!! That would all be way too much for me to keep up with!!! I dont know how you do it….“I MUST BE GETTING OLD”!!!! lol



Corrine and Glynn, what a household you are dealing with.  Luna baby, from everything I have read you will be breathing much better, but prayer are going up for you, and especially for your neck/back issues. 

Whatever comes along with the neck/back issue, you know we are praying and sending good vibes.  I also know, with your dedication, you will work through everything, but I am sorry for Luna and you to have to bear this new problem.

((((((((((OBP Family))))))))))



P.S. Luna has the same pose in the Solsey Pouch/Luna Bag as Solsey did…so cute.



Luna looks precious in Solsey’s pouch!!
I can’t believe all of this!!  Many prayers going up for the little lady.
Baxter had cervical spine surgery years ago so I know how scary neurosurgery can be but he came through with flying colors and if looney needs it she will too!!! Lots of love to you all!!!

Darci and Abbey the Pug


I don’t know if Henry is the lucky one getting to walk or not!  Poor OBP family!  We’ll be praying for everyone.  I hope you feel the love from Nebraska! Thoughts and prayers!!



Oh my!  I’m so sorry to hear all of this!  I can’t wait to hear the results of everything for sweet little Looney, and in the meantime you’re in my thoughts and prayers.  All of you!



Oh Looney Tunes ~ Tons of prayers are being said for you and for your folks! My goodness sweet little lady, you look adorable. Keep your feisty spirit and you will be back to normal before you know it!

Tons of Pug Hugs to everyone! Gina & Pip

Karen B.


The nose package is what C.J. had when he was a pup…We joke that he got a Robert Redford nose job…C.J.‘s saccules were removed emergently when he was a year old, because he had actually breathed too hard and sucked them into the windpipe.  Toeby just went in this past week and had the nose package without the nose job, just the soft palate…When they do the nose they actually have to tattoo the color back in…anyway, Little Miss Luna, surgery should be very helpful to your breathing…I hope the lesion is nothing more than a blip on the CT…Will keep happy thoughts while we wait to hear!

Lucy and Pen's Mommy


Karen B., I’m so glad to read about the color on their noses, I hadn’t heard this anywhere else. Both Lucy and Pen had their nares widened when they were pups (when they went in for spay and neuter) and both of them ended up with “snow nose.” Lucy’s is worse than Pen’s. I have noticed that the more they are outside, the darker their noses get (which means Lucy’s stays pretty pink because she’s not an outside girl, she’d rather be in the air conditioned house!) The idea of getting their noses tattooed kinda skeeves me out, has anyone else had this done?

Hellen Norton


First….Luna you are beautiful in the bag. Hang in there Mom…both she and brother will be in great shape soon abd somehow you will look back and smile about this time. Not laugh but be so happy it is over.

We have been trying to sell our home off and on for two years. We have sold our home here and should be heading to the North West in two or three weeks.

I will be ridng in style in my power chair. We have a special van that has a power lift and after I am locked down it is a great ride!

Hoping we can find motel rooms with a hook up for a computer.

Granny Pug, GiGi and Gwen



my first thought was Luna Looks SO CUTE!!! sorry for caps..

After I read what her issues are, I had tears. Luna is so cute and I can’t imagine having her issues. we are lucky our pug SweetPea hasn’t had these issues..

Prayers for Luna and Benny!



Granny Pug, best wishes for your upcoming move.  Hope you have a very safe trip.



Corrine hang in there this must be very hard on you first Benny now poor Luna sending good thoughts for Luna and her surgery this mourning hoping for a speedy recovery my computer has been down for four days just got back on this mourning please keep us updated on Luna

Granny Pug hope your move goes nice and smooth



OK Looney, you just quit scaring us all.  While you get your nose done, there will be many prayers for you and your family.  You’ve got such a great attitude little lady and we want you to stay safe. Pug hugs from the Swamp Pugs.

Granny Pug.Pug hugs and happy tripping.  Sounds like you will be a queen in your chair..Perhaps you could wave at everyone you pass.  They’ll think you are of noble descent.  Here’s hoping your moving will be smooth.  Keep hold of that computer!



Oh my, when it rains it pours. Do hope everything goes great for the little patients. You have lots of love and pug hugs and kisses coming from Central Texas.
Hellen, I hope your move goes well… I will be watching for updates on Facebook as well as OBP. I bet you won’t have any trouble finding motel hookups for your computer, we even have them out here in Hooterville and Podunk Center.

Karen B.


Lucy and Pen’s mom~fortunately, they do this while they are under anesthesia, and yes, otherwise, the nose is whitish.  At any rate, C.J. is intensely handsome, (I wuv his witto face)and his nose is black.

Godspeed, Grannypug~hope you find your hook ups so you can keep us posted on the move!

Luna to all~“Hey, who you callin’ a bag?!?”  LOL

Karen B.


And Luna!  How CUTE are you ridin’ in the Solsey pouch?  You look very comfy!

pug mama


Oh Luna dear, I’ll be thinking of you and praying your surgery goes well sweetie.  Hang in there, punkin!!

Benny, same goes for you.  Hope that rest and relaxation on your bum joint continues to go smoothly and that you will be good as new when 6 wks has passed.

patty v


oh my, i will keep you and your puggy family in my thoughts and prayers…what a lot to go through at once! can’t wait to hear more about luna’s surgery!

Julie L.


While your story actually has an upbeat we’ll-deal-with-it tone (and I know you will!), I’m sure it’s stressful.  At least there’s plenty of love and good care to go around.  My favorite sentence is “She is a wiggly, feisty, willful little alpha female pug that won’t be stopped!”  Love to all, and best wishes for the medical procedures.



Praying for Luna.  Not hearing anything worries me.

mary castagnoli


Love how she has her little ear cocked back.  She looks rather put-upon and can’t say that I blame her.  I hate the thought of anyone messing with my nose!  You guys have certainly gone from A to Z with your crew.  Sounds as though you have some top-notch veterinary care in your area which is a plus.  Just wish you didn’t have to use it so much.  Sending prayers and loving wishes to your band of wiggle-butts.  Hope “you” are all strutting your stuff in fine form really soon.

Heather & Pumpkin


Where did you get the pouch? I’ve tried to get one for my Japanese Chin, but it didn’t really work as well as it did in the picture, so we’ve been hesitant to try another.

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