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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

To Themselves

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

One day last week we spiced things up a bit and instead of going for our normal walk after dinner we took a quick trip to the dog park. The moment we arrived at the dog park all of the other dogs left. Geez. I don't know if we should be offended or not. grin

So the pugs had the whole park to themselves. Henry amused himself for a moment by darting through the tunnel, but other than that the pugs spent the majority of their time sniffing around.


A few minutes before we were ready to leave, a small white dog arrived at the park. The dog was 11 years old and after the customary dog park greeting, the pugs and the white dog all went off smelling around in different directions. One 11 year old dog, two 9 year old pugs and a 7 year old pug don't make for the most active dog park crowd. The most active thing that night was the mosquitoes!

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Oh OBP, how I’ve missed you all!  I was just getting caught up on all the fun of the last couple posts.  I’ve begun the last year of my masters program (while working full time and still trying to be the best pugger momma ever!) so the schedule has gotten prrreeeety insane! 

Henry, you look like you are having a blast in that tunnel…bet it took a lot of energy and some leisurely sniffing was certainly in order after that!

Have missed you all and was so happy to have my morning with OBP again…a day doesn’t start normally without it!

XOXOX, Baxter, Cole, and their tired momma!



What a fun way to end the evening!! We do not have dog parks, but I wish we did!!  Looks like they were very content to “sniff” around!!



I love how in the first picture, Henry sort of looks like a panda bear. His face anyway. Sometimes it’s best to have someplace all to yourself. Love the dog park.

My family needs some prayers again if you have extra to spare. My sister and my Dad have a very young 8 year old yorkie named Frank. They found a tumor in Frank’s stomach on Saturday and it isn’t operable. He is not in any pain right now and if you didn’t know he had cancer, you wouldn’t think he was sick. He is still running and playing and eating and drinking and peeing and pooping. The difference is that he gets winded a little quicker now b/c the tumor is pressing on his diapragm just a little bit. Other than that, he is like normal.

They are going to watch signs for him to be uncomfortable and or in pain and at the first sign, they will put him down. But Frank (Uncle Frank according to Pip) is full of spit and vinegar and we’re sure he has A LOT of time left. But prayers are still needed. My sister was crying of course but my Dad was too and it was so sad. Frank is his buddy so it’s really extra sad! :(

Thanks OBP family! Love ya!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip!

Mary M.


Great pics of the pugs!  Gina, so sad about little Frank; lots of prayers and good thoughts going out to him and to your family.



Even without any other activity, I’m sure the pugs had a great time exploring and sniffing.  After all sniffing is their way of “reading the news”.

Gina, of course prayers are going up…for Frank, your sister, your dad and you.  I can see all of us OBP people in a circle surrounding you with love.



Yes Gina, prayers and warm thoughts are coming your way to your whole family.  That is so sad and I pray that Uncle Frank lives a long, pain-free life teaching Pip the ropes!



Sue VDB:  “Reading the news”  Hahahahaha, love it!



Gina, Frank and your family definately has my prayers.

What a nice dog-park visit you had!  Our dog park is always soooooo crowded.  And it seems that there’s always a trouble-maker there causing problems for the little guys.  I wish I could take Bennie without there being lots of other dogs.



Your visit is so reminiscent of our dog park visits!  Either we are the only ones there—Where is everybody?—or they soon leave.  My Sophie & Lulu aren’t much either for playing & charging around on their own, so they too do a lot of sniffing & standing next to me.  Not too exciting!



I think that is pug activity but you’d think without noses wink sniffing wouldn’t be high on the list because of that.  Corrine, your dog park is awesome. Ours is a chain link fence squaring the grass that is all they have.  It’s also near the jail.  Plug, you have to pay a yearly fee to use it.

Oh Gina that is such a sorrowful thing to go through. Prayers and pug hugs to all.  Having gone through it, that final decision rips your heart out.




































































































































































Aren’t pugs a hoot.  Sniffing is their dog park exercise.  That’s a super dog park.  Ours - if they still have it is merely some chain link fence with nothing and has nothing in it but grass.  It’s also sorta near the jail.  Really makes you want to go there.

Hellen Norton


Oh my, the pugs look happy and like they are having tons of fun. We have a fenced yard and our three go out to “do theire thing”,bark at the stupid little dog next door who starts it all!! She turned our then four in and we had to prove they were up todate on shots and then siged up at the polise station!!! When we didnot sign up GiGi (she is asleep in the back yard under a lot of ocks. I was afraid they were going o make us remove her so they could be sue.

Gina I know how hard the decision is but it is one of the last gifts you an give Frank when the time comes.


Gina and family



What’s up with OBP this afternoon?  I have a huge gap between later comments.

Also, has anyone else had problems uploading pictures for the 2012 OBP calendar?  I have been trying since Monday to upload a picture of Romeo and have had no results. I’m afraid I am going to miss the deadline.



Thank you everyone so much for your nice comments. It really means the world to me. I knew I could turn to everyone for comfort. Thank you Thank you!



even if they were only sniffing I bet they had fun and your dog park looks so nice the one we have is just a square with dirt and grass

Gina sending prayers for Frank your sister and dad



Corrine I signed up to get the daily blog with my new email and it said I would but have not received it can you help

Lilo n Me


Gina,you, Frank, and his family (because, that’s how it is after all) are in our thoughts and prayers.  My Bear too had the same thing and when he finally showed any changes the tumour was very large.  So we took him home for a week while we decided what to do, surgery vs letting him be whole again, gave him any little thing his heart desired, and what he would take. I think that was more for us kids than anyone else. We then took him to the beginning of his new journey.

Love and pug hugs for all,
Love Lilo n me

Karen B.


Gina, of course, prayers for you all…

Heather, you go girl!  Take a nap every chance you get!

The dogs that left have no idea how much fun they missed

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