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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Henry and Luna

Everyone knows I have a thing for dog beds and I know a few of you have wondered exactly how many dog beds we have in the house. So, I counted them up this weekend and came up with 20. Not bad. That is less than 7 dog beds per pug. grin

If you break it down by rooms, my office comes in first with a total of 7 beds. When I worked from home those were 7 very much used dog beds. The living room has the next highest tally at 5. The pugs use those beds a lot when we watch TV in the evenings. The rest of the beds are around the house. 3 of the beds are also used in the pugs' crates (1 in each crate).

There are also two dog beds that are out of the rotation. One is the orthopedic dog bed that we bought for Sol. Solsey didn't really like the bed and Benjamin, Henry and Luna never liked it either so it is tucked away and not currently in use. The other bed not in use is small orthopedic bed for Luna's crate. She was not pleased when we put that bed in her crate so we took it out and put something a bit more comfortable in there for her.

Much to a lot of people's surprise, all the beds are used. If we get a bed and it isn't used, we will usually try a different spot in the house. If it still isn't used we will give it away to a friend. And over the years, we have had to throw a few beds out because the pugs had completely worn them out.

While a lot of the beds are on the floor, there are some beds that are strategically placed. Take my office for example. 3 of the beds in that room are on top of ottomans. The pugs like to be up higher in my office so that they were closer to my desk.

After breaking it down and looking at things this way, I think we need more dog beds. grin

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Corrine, I just love you…this is so so funny and I can “hear” you personality shine through as I read (and giggle).  20 beds…hmmmm…I think I agree, a shopping trip is in order.  Surely the puggers are bored with their current rotation, LOL.

Henry certainly took to the extra large bed; funny how the lil man can seem to take up the whole thing on his own!  Happy snoozing gang!



You must need more dog beds…little Looney has to lay on the floor for goodness sake. 

I have one dog bed that took forever for Romeo to use, and now that he is using it Missy likes it too. They won’t sleep on it together, but do take turns, even though there is plenty of room for two.  Having said that, they both prefer the sofas.

Thanks Corrine for my morning laugh.  You are something else (in a very good way).

Jennifer Moulton (Used to be Davis)


Do you count your own bed and the living room couch/chairs?  You have the three luckiest pugs I know!

Lola's Mum


That big bed looks AMAZING. Wee Lola has one bed per 150 square feet, which seems to be about right. We are talking PUGS, after all!



That is so funny! 20 beds!!! Pip has two and he doesn’t like either of them! He prefers to lay on anything else that is on the floor including but not limited too backpacks and the girl’s princess dress up dresses. He is a hoot.

How did Benny do at the dentist? I hope good!

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Thanks Corrine for my thursday mourning smile and chuckle I am with you you can never have enough dog beds I had 15 but am down to 13 every time I see one on sale I have to get it

How is Benny this mourning did he like his baby food?

mary castagnoli


7 Beds Per Pug:  The way you write, Corrine, I think that could turn into a great little book for kids.  Your curly-tailed 3-some could be immortalized and read in classrooms at at bedtime everywhere!
If I put 20 dog beds in my house, I would have wall-to-wall cushions!  Once I started leaving Bella out of her crate during the day while I’m at work - I moved it out of the corner in the living room and installed a sweet little sofa-style bed - which she likes . . . for keeping her chew-bones all-together.  She has a blanket on top of the couch and that’s where she stays ALL DAY!!  I don’t think she ever gets down until I come home - so I try and run home over my lunch-hour just to give her the opportunity to potty and get a drink of water.  I’ve told her many times she’s completely cool if she wants to get up on “our” bed during the day - or sit in the recliner chair or loveseat - just for a change of pace.  My chubby girl just LOVES her routines, however, and just lookes at me like I’m talking silly.  Needless to say, the back of my couch is permanently sway-backed by now.  But it reminds me of Snoopy sitting on top of his dog house and imagining that he is riding atop the Sopwith Camel or flying his fighter plane against the Red Baron . . . Now I’m confused:  was the Sopwith Camel the name of his plane?  I don’t actually recall seeing a camel in the cartoon strip.  Well, whatever . . . .



Corrine, this is EXACTLY how I rationalize the need for more SHOES in my life!!!



Twenty!?!?!!  Hey, I was right on my count the other day. lol They are beautiful and functional to boot.

Mary C. - Yes, the Sopwith Camel is Snoopy’s plane. (from the Sopwith Aviation Co. and Camel because of the hump over the gun.) lol

mary castagnoli


Thank you, Carla.  My “random play” memory appreciates getting tidied up.



OMG…..Now i feel completely horrible…..the 6 beds that i have that i rotate 3 each week for the 3 of them…..are sorta on the small side…..but none the less they seem to be quite comfy in them…..i wont be sharing this info with my guys anytime…..

Hellen Norton


You must have a giant house!!! Of course any house can be called home with a puggie or three in residence.

OK!!!! I have never had a bed for a pug….my bed always worked great OR one of my blankets folded, freshly washed (smells good) and next to my bed OR on my bed!!!

Julia is going to look at a pug today. Also, I found a beautiful black female pug on line. $800.00’s is alot of money.so guess she stays at home…(this is without papers!!)

Thanks for sharing all the pugs with me…helps to laugh a little while.



Oh my gosh.. I only have one bed for Mr. Skittles, and comfy blankie in his crate.  He usually sleeps on one us when we are home watching some tv.
I think he is dog-bed deprived…  :(



That got the biggest laugh of the day for me—must buy more beds!!  Oh, we love our pugs, don’t we?



If when I die I find out that there is reincarnation, I am going to put in a special request to come back as one of Corrine’s pugs!



It’s worse then I thought.  Corrine needs an intervention.  The pugs? They are enablers.

How do you guys get the latest bed past your spouses?  Mine would notice and ask about it and then I offhandly say, “Oh, that’s been there for ages.  I got it at the dog bed sale in the spring (assuming it’s winter).  My husband’s memory ain’t what it once was so I think I’m fooling him. Perhaps not, but it does work for a number of purchases I have found.

Yes Mary, I can see Snoopy, er… Bella now. LOL

Lilo n Me (Gwen)


Lmao Martha! I often say that i would love to come back as my own dog because dang is she spoiled. 

Okay, i agree with the need for an intervention. My house is a bungalow with 3 bedrooms, and 1000sq feet of space.  I wouldn’t need carpet at all (both Lilo and I hate cold floors).

Lilo has 3 beds, although she has had a total of 5.  One is her very first bed she ever had for her kennel.  It has completely lost any fullness it’s had after 4 yrs with the laundering and all.  But every once in a while, she picks it up and plays with it and shakes it and drags it out to the livingroom.  The next one is the replacement in her kennel, which she beat up this past weekend. Oh the entertainment for grampa!  The last one is a bigger bed where she gets her peanut butter kong.  All of the beds are in the kitchen, positioned close to the heat vent of course.  Oh wait i forgot one, her newest bed. 

I have decided after this brand new bed she got, that’s enough, it’s queen size, double thick pillow top, and set me back about $500 at Costco. She loves it, even though she cannot get up onto it without being lifted up onto it. Took her a couple of weeks to get used to jumping down off of it.  She was a little scared.  Just like her mama with that fear of heights!

mary castagnoli


Holy Tomato Juice!!!  $500 is a new mattress for MY bed!  You guys would be making me feel totally cheap, except, as previously said, Bella is fixated on her perch on the back of the couch when I’m away and when I’m home she’s either on my lap, in “our” bed or sprawled behind my head on the back of the large chair I usually sit in in the LR.  I have been looking at those “dog cubbies” that are inside a wooden end table.  Spacer-savers and cozy caves all in one!



Mary…..I think it WAS GWEN’S NEW BED!!!!!!!!

Lilo n me


Lmao Mary, I forgot to mention that she hates not having a warm body to snuggle up to so she allows me to sleep with her.

So yes Roberta is correct lol.

mary castagnoli


LILO n ME:  Don’t know which I feel:  Dumb or Relieved.  I think it’s a tie.

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