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Monday, September 21, 2009

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Luna, Sol, Benjamin & Henry

Well, I relapsed this weekend and the pugs are now the proud owners of a new dog bed. This bed is memory foam like and should be easier on the joints so I thought it might be good for Sol. We shall see. So far the pugs seem to like it.

Sol did pretty well over the weekend. She is definitely back to her old self. She even went for a little walk on Sunday - at a reasonable hour even.

I anticipate getting the pathology results later this week. I have been trying to put them out of my mind as I am not a very patient person. Good news or bad news I prefer just to know.

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I know just what you mean..I want to hear the good news or give me the bad so we can deal with it.
  You all remain in our thoughts and prayers and I look forward to hearing the good news.
I copied Sol’s picture for a friend and she and her Pug Bailey are praying as well.



Happy new pug bed babies.  Sol especially, hope you like the new pug bed. Mommy sure does love you pugs.

I don’t have a lot of patience either Corrine, and I thoroughly understand you wanting to know asap about the pathology results.  We all are still praying and wishing for the very best of results.



*giggle*  Corrine, I saw your “doing now” over the weekend and was going to suggest a 12-step program for compulsive pug bed shopping…LOL…It looks *very* cozy and I sure love seeing the whole gang cozied up together!!

Still praying here too and waiting as impatiently for the GOOD news!!  Love you OBP gang!



Getting 4 pugs to stay in one place for a photo is an impressive accomplishment. (No pugkin bread in sight, even!)  Glad Sol is feeling well!  Another pug bed?  Yes, but I love the way your house is decorated and so pug-friendly, including the variety of cushy sleeping spots.  smile



Glad Solsey did pretty well over the weekend.  And it’s definately hard waiting for news like this.

Like the memory foam bed.  And with four pugs to lay on it, that bed will have a lot to remember!

sue s


Ok Mom-you did good-it is officially PUG APPROVED!! We here in COlorado have you and sweet Sol in our prayers and thoughts that the path report will be good news. Pug hugs & love form the Colorado 3-Beauty, Daisey & me!



You all look so special on that new bed,i’m so glad sol is doing okay they seem to have a way of bouncing back.Great photo of these sweeties.You will be in our thoughts and prayers this week.



Haha i was looking at new dog beds this weekend too and was told by the husband that there is nothing wrong with the one they have already! lol
I know what you mean, waiting sucks. Hang in there, it’s good news anyways!!



So glad that Sol had a good weekend smile  I know what you mean, I hate waiting too.  Good or bad, I just want to know now.  Hang in there.  We’re still saying our prayers for a good report.

You can never have enough dog beds wink  Great picture.



I love it - new dog bed!  My 2 sweet little babies have a new dog bed too - MY new queen size mattress - one at the foot & one at the head - and believe it or not NO snoring!  Whatever makes them comfy is all that matters!  Love & hugs to you all and sweet Sol!

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