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Monday, September 15, 2008


Henry and the rawhide

I spent most of the weekend working on the calendar, so the pugs had lots of chewing time this weekend.  They had nice new knucklebones to keep them busy while I worked, but their chewing reminded me of something I wanted to blog about awhile back.

Henry has a thing with compressed rawhide bones.  Instead of just chewing them, he likes to peel the rawhide off in layers.  Unfortunately, he is quite good at it too!  As he peels away the layers, I take them away because they are what we call “choking hazards”.

Benjamin hates it when Henry unravels a rawhide bone.  Benjamin’s preferred plan of attack is to get the bone so slobbery on an end that it pretty much turns to mush.

Depending on the size of the rawhide strip that Henry pulls off, we sometimes let Luna chew on it.  Luna has such a tiny mouth that she couldn’t even come close to getting the larger pieces into her mouth.  She will happily chew for hours on a piece of rawhide that we had to take away from Henry.

On a completely different note, how is everyone that was in Ike’s path doing?  I hope everyone is OK.

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We can’t have rawhide for Bennie because he works diligently until he has created a choking hazard for himself.  The last time I had to reach down his throat and pull it out, I decided “never again”.

Here in North Texas, all we had was a day with steady rain.  No wind or heavy downpours.  Thank goodness.  We have several places open for evacuees, including one for their pets.  They did an excellent job checking in animals, taking photos of each one to ensure correct identification.

Carla End


That’s a weird looking bone. lol Our guys love rawhide bones, expecially when they are slimy on the ends, like you said.  I think when they finish up the ones they’ve started, I won’t replace them, but will encourage them to just chew their nyla bones.  They are cleaner and not so…slimy. lol



YES!! Bentley does that too!! He opens the bones up and takes them apart! Then SOfie steals the smaller pieces that are already chewed because she has a hard time getting chew sticks soft enough for her tiny mouth!
So funny that my pug is not the only one that does that!



I hate it when Sleighbelle turns a chew into a slobbery, mushy, slimy thing!  I don’t usually let her have the rawhides, because I worry about the choking aspect as well.

As for Ike, Fort Worth received less wind and rain than anticipated.  I guess I got about 3 inches.  But the coast really got it bad.  I am mad at those idiots that did not heed the manditory evacuations.  And now they need to be rescued.  What is wrong with people?  Did Katrina not teach us anything?
Sorry for ranting…



Henry did a thorough job of unwinding his rawhide bone.  I quit giving them to my pugs when BoPeep swallowed a piece of one and it twisted her stomach.  She had to have surgery and recovered nicely, but what a price to pay for something.  They are not worth the dangers as far as I am concerned. 

On another note, please, those in the patch of Ike, let us know, if you are able, how you are.  I have a friend in Montgomery, Texas who has no electricity and was unable to get out of her area because of downed trees.  I had a brief cell phone conversation just to know she is ok.



My puggadoos go nuts for the brand “American Rawhide Bacon Basted Bones”....they LOVE those and would probally go through a package a week. However, I usually throw them away when they get to down to the little stump. I, too, am afraid of choking hazards.



Gus loves to eat his bones, usually finishes as quick as possible, Indy likes to gum her bones up. I usually give them the bully whips, all natural and they don’t fall apart or get too mushy and I don’t have to fish gummy slimy chunks out of their mouths!

Karen B


Christina, it’s okay to rant sometimes…Rest assured that if I were in a storm’s path, I’d be outta there pronto!!

I too, have rescued C.J. and Toeby from the dreaded rawhide chokers and now we just get the Virbac dental chews.  They dissolve and are digestible.

Love the “Giddy” in the doing now column.  Giddy is good!



I give Lucy and Tuffy knuckebones now.  Before they got rawhides and Lucy loved them, but she got really possessive of them.  She would chew them down and I would have to take them away.  One time she bit my thumb really hard.  I know she didn’t mean it, she was just trying to hang onto her rawhide.  That’s when I decide never again.  She doesn’t act like that with anything else and I can’t risk leaving it with her or she will choke.

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