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Thursday, February 3, 2011


Simba, Benjamin and Luna

Benjamin experienced a first a few weeks ago. He found a cat that actually likes him.

It is no secret that Benjamin is the lowest pug on Cupid's totem pole. And every other cat he has come across has promptly greeted him with a bap on the head.

So when Simba, a cat that lives in our neighborhood that is allowed to go outside, and Benny crossed paths, Benny was bracing himself for the worst, but was presently surprised when Simba rubbed up against him and promptly flopped on his back. (Yup, that is Benny in the pink collar below. He was borrowing it from his sister that day).

Benjamin and Simba

And ever since their first meeting, Simba generally comes over to see the pugs when they go out for their evening walk. We will be walking along and he will come darting over to say hi to the pugs. After a minute or two of prancing around the pugs he is off for other adventures.

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