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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Care Package


Henry is a pretty spoiled pug. He's been doted on for most of his life, but in the last few months, I'd say his spoiledness has reached a whole new level. Here he is inspecting a care package given to us by friends of ours. He hit the jackpot with this one. It was full of his favorite treats and had some extra special cookies that he loved! In addition to the yummy snacks, the special gift even included a card with encouraging words to help Henry stay #HenryStrongAllDayLong.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sundae Sunday


We are always looking for summer adventures where the heat won't wipe Henry out. So far, quick trips to grab a doggie dish seem to pretty high on Henry's fun list. The only downside is the lines can get pretty long. But Henry is a trooper and patiently waits until it is his turn to order.

On this occasion we got Henry raspberry ice cream and it was a huge hit. He liked it much better than the banana flavored ice cream we got him the time before. Which was surprising to me because Henry loves bananas. But, I guess not everything makes a good ice cream flavor. On our next trip, raspberry it will be!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brain Games


On our last visit to the pet store, Henry and I struck a compromise and we left with neither a fish nor a dog bed. Instead we bought a brain game. The one we bought has 3 different games that are all a variation of hiding a treat. One involves turning over little cups to reveal a treat, the other moving a disc to reveal the treats and the third requires the pooch to slide the cups to get the treat.

We thought this game might be fun for Henry and would requiring a little bit of thinking which would be a good thing. The easiest game seemed to be the one where you knock over the cup to reveal the treat. So we loaded up the game with treats and added the cups. To help Henry get the hang of things we even put treats in the open spaces. Freebies so to speak to get him interested.

Here's Henry's first attempt at the game.

Henry quickly eats all the "free" treats. He knows that there are more treats under the cups, but in typical Henry fashion, he decides he better hang back and ask for permission to eat the cover treats. He wouldn't want to cause a ruckus.

While Henry was waiting around for someone to uncover his treats, the cat became pretty interested in the game. So we gave her a turn. She certainly wasn't waiting for permission to eat the covered treats. She managed to figure out how to slide the green circle to reveal little bits of hidden roast beef.

Friday, April 25, 2014

The Cleaner

Benjamin has always been the go to pug for cleaning up small spills, but this is an all time low for even him. I spilled a bit of chicken juice (from cooked chicken). Unfortunately, in addition to getting on the floor, it ran down the front of the cabinet as well. I thought I did a pretty good job of cleaning it up, but Benjamin clearly does not agree.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



No one loves spaghetti quite as much as Solsey did, but it sure is one of Henry's favorites. Usually, I let the pugs take turns licking my plate. But on this night I got up without giving Benjamin, Henry and Luna a turn. Henry immediately sat up with his paws on the table to remind me that he hadn't had his chance to clean my plate.

I of course caved and let the pugs have their licks. However, I think Luna ended up wearing more of it than eating it.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ready to be Served


Confession: we eat dinner in front of the TV every night. Love it or hate it, its just how we roll and it works well for us. We don't use TV trays or anything fancy like that, we just sit on the floor and eat off the coffee table. Well, we aren't completely uncivilized, so we we sit on a pile of pillows while we eat.

Which makes dinnertime to Benny a compilation of his favorite things - food and pillows. So every night when I am bringing dinner to the table, I find Benny sitting in my "seat" just waiting for the food to be brought to him.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gotcha Day Celebrations


We didn't celebrate with the bunless Big Mac that Luna has been wanting since we rescued her, but we did have some special frozen custard. After dinner, we went to one of our favorite ice cream shops and got a special doggie dish of frozen custard. We got a big scoop of banana for the pugs to share and it came topped with a milk bone.

When we split the ice cream for the pugs, we never put the milk bone in the bowl. We usually save it for later. Henry, however, knows that the ice cream comes with a milk bone and after he finishes his ice cream, he always comes to beg for the milk bone. He usually ends up with the whole bone to himself because Benjamin is off licking every drop of ice cream out of the bowls and Luna is too busy chasing her ice cream around the bowl. Like anything else she eats, Luna inevitably ends up with her ice cream all over her face.


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