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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Cleaner

Benjamin has always been the go to pug for cleaning up small spills, but this is an all time low for even him. I spilled a bit of chicken juice (from cooked chicken). Unfortunately, in addition to getting on the floor, it ran down the front of the cabinet as well. I thought I did a pretty good job of cleaning it up, but Benjamin clearly does not agree.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



No one loves spaghetti quite as much as Solsey did, but it sure is one of Henry's favorites. Usually, I let the pugs take turns licking my plate. But on this night I got up without giving Benjamin, Henry and Luna a turn. Henry immediately sat up with his paws on the table to remind me that he hadn't had his chance to clean my plate.

I of course caved and let the pugs have their licks. However, I think Luna ended up wearing more of it than eating it.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ready to be Served


Confession: we eat dinner in front of the TV every night. Love it or hate it, its just how we roll and it works well for us. We don't use TV trays or anything fancy like that, we just sit on the floor and eat off the coffee table. Well, we aren't completely uncivilized, so we we sit on a pile of pillows while we eat.

Which makes dinnertime to Benny a compilation of his favorite things - food and pillows. So every night when I am bringing dinner to the table, I find Benny sitting in my "seat" just waiting for the food to be brought to him.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gotcha Day Celebrations


We didn't celebrate with the bunless Big Mac that Luna has been wanting since we rescued her, but we did have some special frozen custard. After dinner, we went to one of our favorite ice cream shops and got a special doggie dish of frozen custard. We got a big scoop of banana for the pugs to share and it came topped with a milk bone.

When we split the ice cream for the pugs, we never put the milk bone in the bowl. We usually save it for later. Henry, however, knows that the ice cream comes with a milk bone and after he finishes his ice cream, he always comes to beg for the milk bone. He usually ends up with the whole bone to himself because Benjamin is off licking every drop of ice cream out of the bowls and Luna is too busy chasing her ice cream around the bowl. Like anything else she eats, Luna inevitably ends up with her ice cream all over her face.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Blast from the Past


The boys have always loved to chew. When they were pups they were crazy about pig ears. Pig ears definitely aren't my favorite chew treat. They are greasy and become choking hazards very quickly. And in their youth Benjamin and Henry could eat an entire pig ear in under 30 minutes. Because of all these cons, we gradually weened the boys off of pig ears.

It has been about 5 years since the pugs last had a pig ear and the time that has passed must have lessened my dislike of pig ears. The other day I was in a pet store and saw a big pile of pig ears and out of nostalgia I bought Benjamin, Henry and Luna each one to see if they would still love them.

Benjamin, Henry & Luna were super happy when I came home with the pig ears, but boy have times changed. Instead of devouring their ears in less than an hour, the pig ears are still very much intact days later. Benny has been giving his pig ear a good chew a little bit each night. Henry is a little distraught over not being able to finish his chewie in one session. When he is done chewing, he paces around the house trying to find a place to bury what is left of his pig ear. Luna has been working hard chewing her pig ear off and on, but at the rate she is going, I think her pig ear will last for years!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Benny has always been prone to throw a tantrum when he can smell that there are treats nearby and that he is not getting them. But, on Saturday morning he threw quite the tantrum over a bag of treats that always sit on the counter. The treats are biljacs and we use them to give the pugs pills. We also use them as a reward after Luna gets her inhaler.

On Saturday morning we gave Luna her inhaler and then gave all the pugs a reward for Luna doing such a great job. 3 biljacs per pug to be exact. After the pugs got their treats we zipped the bag backup up and put them on the counter. Well, Benny wanted more treats and this is the little show he put on to get more.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Thank You

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

A huge thank you to Ann for sending Benjamin, Henry and Luna special chewies. Ann's pugs Julia, Flynn, Beetle and Pippin love himalayan dog chew and wanted to share their favorite chew with Benjamin, Henry and Luna.

Julia, Flynn, Beetle and Pippin also shared a special tip with us to get the most out of these yummy chews. When the himalayan chews get too small, what we refer to as choking hazards, they have their mom stick the chews in the microwave for a minute and then you have pug cheetos! We will definitely have to try that.

Thanks Ann, Julia, Flynn, Beetle and Pippin. Ann is also a tireless volunteer for Central Florida Pug Rescue. Be sure to pop over to their website and see what CFPR has been up to lately.



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