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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Sign

Cupid and Henry

I offer you proof of how hot and dry it has been in FL the last few days. It has been so bad that the cat has succumbed to drinking out of the dogs' water bowl.

Cupid has her own water bowl that is out of the pugs' reach. However, she never drinks from it. I change it daily and everyday I shake my head and wonder why we even bother putting out a water bowl just for her because she never drinks from it.

But, even though Cupid ignores her bowl of water, she never drinks from the pugs' water bowl either. You know, she can't risk the dog germs and all that. Instead, she prefers to return to her roots and forage for her water supply. She will sneak a little water from the sink and from time to time I have caught her drinking out of the pool. Something I try to discourage, but let's face it, Cupid has a mind of her own and isn't one for following directions.

But, the other day, when we were sitting down to breakfast, the cat strolled right up to the dogs' water bowl and started lapping up the fresh water. It was such an unusual sight that everyone, including the pugs, stopped and stared. My first reaction was to get a picture, but I didn't have my camera handy. But, lucky for me, Cupid came back to her new watering hole the same time the next morning and I was able to snap a picture with my phone.

As you can seen from the look on Henry's face, everyone is surprised that Cupid now drinks DOG water.

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Hey Dat cat’z in my dish gain”,this is just priceless look at that face love this.Hugs to the crew there.



Hahahahaha…Cupid has lost her mind!!!  Great story!  Dog germs, *giggle*...



heehee Dog Germs indeed   good one!
My sister-in-law has a black lab, a shitzhu and a cat.
They all have their own water bowls, but the cat, and the lab prefer the shitzhu’s water bowl.  We have named her bowl “Diva Water”!! It’s the preferred dish!!



Oooooo….cat cooties!



That’s GREAT. I love the look on Henry’s face. He looks dejected like now he’s been exposed to CAT cooties!



Dog germs and cat cooties, oh my. This is a funny picture, and Henry looks so perplexed.

sue s


Henry how hot is it? Henry:It’s so hot even Cupid is risking dog germs! When Beauty wants a drinnk, rather than make the loooong trek to the water bowl in the kitchen, she would get a drink from the water bottle in her crate! Pugs are so smart! Pug-hugs from the Colorado 5



I like all the comments cats are very picky looks like Henry saying mom cupid is drinking my water no fair



Do you think Cupid will start barking???

Karen B


I am a firm believer in the sayings “any port in a storm” and “desperate times call for desperate measures”!  This is proof that Cupid agrees with me, I guess!



Detente has been achieved…Abby was sitting on a chair…with Gracie. Amazing kinda like Cupid and Henry.
Now on to Georgie and Abby.  Not quite an easy sell for those two.

Cat cooties - love it.
Cute comment, Karen.

Do you think Cupid knows what she is doing and taking a little longer than she needs? She is, after all, a cat.  I think Henry needs a little extra smooch today.

Pug hugs,
Huckle & the Swamp Pugs



I’ll bet that all along Cupid has used the dog bowl, but only in private—after all, she has an image to protect.  But right now it’s too dang hot to care!

I think Henry’s looking at you thinking, “I know…I can’t believe it either.”

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