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Friday, August 6, 2010



Remember how Cupid was drinking out of the dog's water bowl? Well, the dog germs must have been too much for her because the other day, I caught her drinking out of my water cup.

And, yes, it is August and I am still drinking from a snowman mug grin

Have a good weekend everyone!

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The cat I’ve had the longest (Twiggydo) loves to join me in the loo and drink water from the spigot will I attend to business. By the way, I think I have that same Christmas mug.



Perhaps drinking from a snowman mug will keep you cool thru this heat!!  I hope it is working for you.
We have pretty much had fog all week, making it very humid even thought the temps are only 18 or 19 celcius.
I would probably melt if I lived where some of you are with higher temps than that!!
I hope we get a break in the weather soon!  Happy weekend all, stay cool and stay safe!!
Pug hugs to all!



Hahaha, Cupid sure is making her rounds…talk about shaking things up a little bit.  She is so pretty…for a *cat*, that is wink

And for all of us non-Floridians who’s winters suck the life out of us…let’s not wish the sun away all that quickly…pretty puhhlease!  LOL wink

Have a great weekend all…and Cupid, good job keeping the pugs and adults on their toes!

Love and puggie snorts to all!



I think Cupid might be a skier, and she’s just “thinking snow”.



Cupid you and my Frankie (the gray and white cat who found me over 2 years ago) have a lot in common.  I drink Slim Fast for breakfast as I am not at all hungry in the morning, but need something to down my meds.  I have caught him twice drinking my Slim Fast when I got up from the table.  Maybe he has the same aversion to dog germs, or maybe he thinks he will lose weight (not working for me).

Wishing everyone, every pugger, and all other fur babies a good weekend.

Karen B


Yay!  It’s Friday AND it’s payday!  Happy weekend all!

Central Cali has “cooled down” to the mid 90’s so it won’t be so miserable!!!



I think cupid is trying to shake things up shes a very pretty kittie hope everyone has a great weekend so excited I am on vacation for two weeks starting tomorrow yay

Martha how is Toby doing

Karen B


Oh, and Miss Cupid?  Stick to the water and stay away from the caffeine in this heat!  And Corrine, you know her mouth is clean!



Karen B. - funny!

I think Cupid is trying to figure out what is in the middle of the cup…I am, too.

Enjoy your weekend, kids.  Since my husband retired in June, the days have no definition and one day is just like another.

Georgie has kept his nursing under control and given Gracie a break although at night, snuggled in the same crate, who knows what goes on!

Pug Hugs,
Huckle & the Swamp Pugs



It’s the ice cubes!
“oh mamma, your water is so cool and tasty, not like that nasty, slimy dog-drool water!”



Oh, she is SO naughty!  Just like a cat to hop up on the table and make themselves a home!

Elizabeth A Stratton


Oh, Cupid is sooooo smart.  She just wants to test things out to see which is the best.  And I, too, am drinkiing from a nice big old White mug with a darling snowman on it, but my Kitty, Jazzy, hasn’t tried it just yet.  Master Cooper, on the other hand, has tried just about everything.  As we know, Pugs are very “food oriented,” so if there is any food around, if it is not up high enough or not nailed down, he will love it. 
Pug hugs,

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