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Monday, March 28, 2011

Benny’s B-Day


On Sunday we celebrated Baby Benny's 9th birthday. As far as the pugs are concerned, it was pretty hot during the day, so we saved a nice walk for the evening.


For Benny's special birthday treat, I baked him Pug Bars. I got the recipe from Puglet of Daily Puglet. Puglet really seemed to love them and they had pumpkin in them so I knew that would be right up Ben's alley. Not only did Benny love them, but so did Henry & Luna.

Benny's first birthday rule was that if he had to wear a silly birthday hat, so did Luna and Henry or else he wasn't going to share his yummy Pug Bars.



And since it was Benny's special day, I let him take a big chomp out of the Pug Bars before I broke everyone off a little piece to enjoy.


All in all, I think Benny had a pretty good day.

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oh this is wonderful nice cake and i just love the little hats luna your sweet as always,glad he had a very nice day hugs to you benny and your siblings lol.



DANG, that’s cute! ya know, I have the exact same candle at my house, right down to the placement of the coloured dots an’ everything! and now, (seeing as I missed it yesterday) 3, 2, 1, and *SMOOCH*!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENNY!!!!! *Dzzeeeeeeeeeettt* It’s the big 63 ol’ buddy, it’s the big 63!!

Congratulations from Canada, eh!



I am so glad the pugs had a nice celebration of Bennie’s BD.  I love all the pictures especially the one of Bennie taking his big bite of Pug Bar!




Sounds like a “pugtacular” birthday at the OBP household!!
Love the picture of Benny having his “cake”.



Way too cute…They ALL look beyond adorable in the party hats.  That pic of Benny taking his big bite is priceless…his forehead wrinkles are all scrunched looking like he is in pure bliss!! 

Looks like a perfect birthday Benny.  Here’s an extra kiss from me…Muuuuah!

Lola's Mum


Happy Birthday, little man! You don’t look a day over 3. Adore the photo of B chomping into his pug bar. Really too funny.



Luna was born to wear a hat! lol love it!!! looks like a good time was had by all!!!



Heather, my thouhts exactly…pure bliss on Benny’s face as he zones in on his birthday cake.  The look on Henry’s face?  Pure longing. 

As usual, great pictures Corrine.



That is exactly how I take the first bite of my birthday treat too!  Go Benny Go!

sue s


Happy Birthday Benny!! These pictures are just too cute for words! As always, a BIG THANK YOU Corrine for sharing these great family moments! Pug hugs and B-day wishes from the Colorado 5



Corrine the pictures are priceless they look like they had so much fun I love the picture of Benny taking the first bite thanks for my monday mourning smile



I’m so glad it was such a Happy Day for Benny!  And obviously Luna and Henry had fun at the party, too!

The picture of Benny biting into the Pug Bar is just great!  Benny’s blissful expression, while Henry’s look is of forlorn patience!

Love little Looney in a hat!



LOVE, Love, Love the pic of Benny getting a bit out of the pug bars!! Happy Birthday, Benny!! And many more!!

Karen B.


Another FABULOUS year Benny!  Looks like you had a grand time!

Corrine, you are soooo good at documenting your pug occasions!  Great post!



Don’t tell Benny or Henry but sweet little Miss Looney Tunes looks the cutest of all, although I agree with Martha, sue and Marynell on the Benny picture and his bite of Pug Bar.

What a grand way to start this new week, Corrine.

Hellen Norton


Happy Birthday Benny!!!! Like everyone else all the pictures are great bu really love the look on Benny’s face!!! Going to see if I can find the directions on line.

I have two grandchilden now living at home. They have to keep the air conditioner at below 0 so GiGI and I spend a lot of time under our electric blanket. Old bones do not like cold!!1



Happy Birthday, Benny!  My, what a big mouth you have!  The better to eat Pug Bars with!  On another note, Corrine, you are the sweetest person to remember me.  Thank you so much!  Patty



The pictures are wonderful! I agree with everyone, the pic of Benny taking a bite of his pug bar is priceless! And all three look fabulous in their party hats!

Pug Hugs from Gina & Pip



Awwww, sorry I missed this!  Happy late bday to the handsome Benny:)

Also, I will be singing Pug in a Partyhat in my head all day now thx to these pics.  Tooooooo cute!

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