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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cherry on Top

Luna and Sol

I always talk about how much of an impact that Sol has had on my life, how she taught me so many things in her subtle ways. But, I think Sol impacted Luna as well.

Solsey had a calming effect on Luna. Since the day we adopted her, Luna was always a very nervous dog. Loving, but still nervous.

After spending time with Sol, Luna significantly calmed down a bit. She seemed to trust us even more. It was like Luna and Sol could relate. They both came into our home in similar circumstances and Sol told Luna it was OK. Relax. You're good now. Solsey conveyed something to Luna that humans could not.

In addition to helping Luna heal, Sol also taught Looney a few tricks. Before Sol, Luna would eat almost anything we put in her bowl. Sometimes begrudgingly, but she ate it nonetheless. Solsey taught Luna that if you don't like what is in your bowl, object. Heck, Solsey demonstrated how to object quite frequently.

And Solsey has taught Luna well. Luna continues to object to her mid day meals to this day. At lunch time, the pugs get a little bit of kibble. Since Luna has a hard time chewing the kibble, we give her a little bit of wet dog food. Well, there are a few flavors that Luna does not care for. When we figured out that Luna did not like those flavors we did not continue to buy them anymore. But, we didn't want what we had on hand to go to waste, so we would put down the food and if Luna objected, we would top the food with a tiny bit of cat food. Luna would then happily gobble down her food.

Well, what a big mistake that was! Now, at lunch, the little miss, sniffs her food bowl and if there is no cat food on top, she walks to the center of the kitchen and stares at you, wagging her little tail. She'll look at you, then look at the cat bowl, then back at you. And until you put a dab of cat food on top of her food she will not eat.

I'm sure Solsey could not be prouder!

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Lil Miss you are too cute!!  But you know what you like!!  (Kitty food & all)
Happy weekend everyone, be safe and enjoy!

mary castagnoli


Do you ever wonder that, if your dog(s) could talk - if you would enjoy them as much?  They are so clever in the ways they use to tell us what they want (and don’t), and we get a sense of their personalities that way.  But I sometimes wonder if my Bella had a gratingly whining voice - or talked incessantly at me when I first got home from work - if I would find her company as enjoyable.  Sometimes I wish she COULD talk, just to be sure of where her head is “at”.  But I know I enjoy the company of animals over most people most of the time - so maybe it’s just as well that she continues to do her head tilts and variations of woofs and barks.  I certainly know when she paws my arm she wants her tummy rubbed!
LUNA - I’ll bet that SOLSEY is still communicating with you in your thoughts.  And isn’t is something that pictures of a little black pug - that most of us visitors to OBP had never met - still brings tears to our eyes and lumps to our throats.  And we miss her right along with you.
Have a sweet summer weekend!



Tears are streaming down my cheeks and catching in my smile…

Solsey taught all of us so much…and this story leaves me speechless and feeling nothing but happiness and love and gratitude to be part of the OBP Extended Family…



I love your blog today Corrine.  I didn’t realize that Luna still had some issues in being comfortable…bless Solsey.  I loved all the stories about Solsey and fell really hard for this little lady, as did everyone.  It is so nice to know what an influence Solsey had on Luna…maybe even some of the not so good. 

Luna, you definitely picked up the stubborn streak and will forever have to have that dab of cat food on top of your noon meal…you sassy little girl. 

Corrine, thanks for making my day, and everyone in OBPland have a very good weekend.



Corrine thank you for a beautiful blog today Sol touched all our hearts she was a very special girl who is terribly missed the thing about the cat fod touched my heart my heart pug Daphne when she had gotten very sick her cancer had come back I could not get her to eat I tried everything even steak chicken but nothing would work well I also had two cats then I was giving her her meds one mourning and the cat food was sitting there she reached over and ate the cat food it was the only thing I could get her to eat hope you all have a great weekend



HAHAHAHA!! Good job teaching Luna, Miss Solsey!

I bet she’s up there laughing at how much Luna gets away with because of her influence.



Oh I love it too. It is remarkable how the expressions our babies give us and the looks that we know exactly what they want. Sir Luke likes to bark at his food bowl when the other dogs are eating. Maybe it’s a black pug thing.



Everyone today has said all of what I feel (still) for Solsey Baby and Luna.  My eyes have sprung leaks as has most of us, I’ll wager.

Corrine, thank you for a beautiful post and for sharing Solsey, Luna, Benny and Henry to all of us in so many posts.  Your love for these little guys just shine through in all you say and do for the little rascals .

No Brenda, it is not a black pug thing.  Abby (the fawn) does the very same thing and also does it to treats until you just want to pick it up and eat it yourself.

Have a good weekend, kids.
again, Thank you Corrine

Pug hugs,
Huckles chuckles
do the Swamp pugs
& Cooper (I thought I’d be generous today and list him).



Sweet Solsey… her personality shines through the photo.  Luna and Sol made a darling pair.  Love them to pieces



I really loved reading this!  : )

Karen B.


Miss Solsey is at Rainbow Bridge LHAO I’m sure…“You show them who’s boss Luna”! 

It feels very comforting to know that Sol had that calming effect on Luna and I am sure that Luna feels it deeply, to this day!  Man, I miss Sol…I love your reminiscences of her, she’ll never be forgotten!



Sneaky Sol! And clever Luna! This reminds me of my pug; she was getting really finicky with her food so one day my mom sprinkled some cat kibbles on top of the dog kibbles. She inhaled her food! But now she will walk up to her bowl, sniff, and then follow me around until I put five or six kitty kibbles on top. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure she’d try to starve herself…our dogs are smarter than they look!



Our late-night sweet spot is Cherry on Top, which is just down the street from my grandparents’ house, right on the way back to my parents’ house.  The shop is clean and looks like some sort of cutesy mod club, but with brighter lights.  There are usually about 8-10 flavors per day, and some of them rotate out every few days/weeks.  The usual flavors include original, green tea, and vanilla.  Some of our other favorites include Hawaiian Delight (basically like fruit punch), green apple, taro (my mom’s favorite) and blueberry.  They also have sample cups sitting by the register.

Cheapest home


Gardeners are preoccupied with the weather because it affects what we do, but this spring has been so remarkably odd that the normal chat has risen to a new level of purpose.The earlier a tree blooms at the start of the season, the greater the risk of calamity. Frost, rain, hail and wind can ruin the annual event in a few moments, so when my saucer magnolia tree opened the first week of March, three weeks early, I was sure its blooms would be wrecked. Instead, we had a long and glorious blossoming (the tree is 30 feet tall). The blooms coincided, strangely, with the flowering of the Japanese cherry trees. When the redbuds and dogwoods began to bloom as well, I thought I could expect just about anything. Except I was jolted on the last day of March, when a neighbor’s lilac tree bloomed.

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