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Friday, September 30, 2011



You may be wondering what the heck Luna is eating out of, but before you think we have officially lost our minds let me explain. This is our version of a raised feeder for Luna. I know, there are plenty of raised feeders out there and I'm sure I could find a few if I spent less time shopping for dog begs, but I have looked for feeders for Luna and haven't found any that fit her needs.

With Luna's neck issues, she does't like to bend down to eat from a bowl on the floor. So, we need some sort of a bowl that is angled that allows her to eat with minimal strain on her neck. The feeders we have looked at have either been too tall or too low or don't have the right angle. So, we went about creating one ourselves. It isn't aesthetically pleasing, but it gets the job done.

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Simply marvelous; she looks perfectly aligned and comfortable eating her yumminess.  Corrine, you are so special.  I’m so blessed to get to peak into the wonderful life you create for the gang.  I think her feeder is perfectly unique and special, just like our little Miss.  BonE appetite pretty Luna!!!



That’s so funny! I thought I was the only one who made homemade elevated food bowls. My pug is small like Luna and I can’t find the right height dish either. So I stack books… LOL

mary castagnoli


Corrine - maybe you should design and patent an elevated, angled food bowl - one that could be accordianed out to the height needed so it could grow with the doggus.  There are times that Bella gets so peevish about eating her Hills cd dog food that I end up hand feeding her to get things started.  Kind of like priming a pump - cuz once she gets into the crunch of it all - she’ll happily go it alone and finish it up by herself.
Luna, you are so sweet and petite.  All doggies should live in a the wonderful world you share with Henry & Big Ben!
Great Weekend Everyone!

Lola's Mum


Fantastic! What is it made out of? I can’t figure it out!



You are brilliant Corrine! And if it works for Looney Tunes then who cares what it looks like. I think it looks great by the way!

How is she doing with her neck? Anything new? Special little girl, give her a kiss from me and Pip! smile

Hellen ~ Any word yet? Still praying my Dear. God Bless.

Tomorrow is the Pet Blessing at a few of our churches here in Omaha. We take Pip and his Uncle Frank (a yorkie) every year. It’s so much fun to see all the animals there.

Have a great weekend everyone. Pug Hugs from Gina & Pip.



Definately an invention waiting to be made….......



Very innovative.  If it works that is all that matters.  And, it is beautiful in its uniqueness.  Luna looks very comfortble, and after all, isn’t that the top priority. 

I’m curious also.  I can’t figure out what it is made of.  How about a clue?

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy weekend.  Hellen, you are still in my prayers.



Again today, I will just say I’d like to be one of Corrine’s pugs.



You have to be the worlds best pug mama!



Corrine again thanks for my mourning smile when I first looked at the picture I was wondering what it was what a great idea I have to agree with all you are one of the best pug mommas
How is Benny doing after his dental
Hope everyone has a great weekend

Hellen Norton


Oh my!!! How “Pug Smart” can you be!!! Great idea and I know Luna is thankful for such a parent as you!

No luck finding Peanut. ALSO no luck getting a pug for Grannie (ME). I am not in a really big hurry but my family seems to be. I do have Gwen and Mercy to keep me company and petting duty. Julia went to look at one yesterday….when she walked in it was on a leash. When the person undid the leash it ran at Julia AND BITE HER!!!

Still looking. Tried Pet Finder and found alot but they ran into the thousands!!! The one I could afford was a mix and was gone fast!!

No big hurry on my part…GiGi was a one-of-a-kind older lady. Sorry tears again.

Really happy to share your pugs with you.

mary castagnoli


HELLEN:  The time may just not be right for you, yet.  As you say - you’re not in a hurry - just lonesome for your GiGi.  I truly think that there’s another funny little puggy pal out there for you and he or she will “find” you!  Until then, please take comfort that your OBP friends are thinking of you and hoping for much happier days.



I could not for the life of me figure out what that was.  And I still do not know what you used but sweet little Looney sure seems to like the elevation.

Mary, I went through the same thing with Abby last year for quite a few months and thought ‘is this nuts or what’ but it got her started and that was the goal.

Gina, sorry to hear that your church is ‘going to the dogs’ (grin).

Grannie Pug, you’ll find the right one and when you do, you’ll know it.  I didn’t realize PetFinder had high priced pets.  That’s what I went through to get Gracie and Georgie.  If there were a next time, I think I would go through a breed rescue since they know more about the breed you are after and can match their pups to your personality.



Waht an invention!  I got a chukle out of the dog bed shopping comment!
What ever works!!
Happy weekend all, looking forward to a couple dasy off!  take care and be safe everyone!  xo



Helen when you are ready I am sure you will find the right pug there are so many pugs in pug rescues looking for loving home they are all ages I volunteer for pug rescue of Florida and we have over 120 pugs looking for loving home we even have some waiting to come into rescue but have to wait for a foster home to open up

sue s


Wow, this is one of the most interesting thing I’ve seen definitely market this! Helen when its time you’ll know It took me quite awhile after our dear sweet baby girl buttons passed before getting Daisy. Pug hugs to all from the Colorado 4

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