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Monday, January 25, 2010

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

Cupid & Benjamin

To give you an idea of how cold it was during our recent cold snap, here is a shot of Cupid trying to keep herself warm under a blanket on the couch. Now, the odd part isn't that Cupid is snuggling under the blanket, but that she dares to share the couch with Benny. Benny, by far, is her least favorite pug and the fact that she would even consider laying so close to him shows exactly how cold it was here. I think the expression is something like "when hell freezes over". Well, hell may not have froze, but Florida sure did.

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sue s


The only thing that came to mind when seeing cupid and Benny is “Cat-Dog” the cartoon! OR for those of us old enough to remember, “Stange bed Fellows”! Hope benny & Cupid stayed nice and warm! Pug-hugs and kitty kisses-fromt he Colorado 3



Benny and cupid look so warm and cozy thank goodness we are out of the freeze and normal winter weather for now in florida

Claude Pug


What a cute bunch of Snuggle Pugs!



Benny seems rather shocked himeself!



I think this is too cute, Cupid had to come down a notch and get on the couch with Benny   heehee
Yesterday, was “Spa Day” for Mr. Skittles as well, although he didn’t get a pedi!!



Ben’s puffy is like a stop sign - Cupid, do not get any closer!!  I’ve said it before, but Cupid, I really do have to question your judgement silly kitty, Benjamin is a fabulous puggie!!!



I have to agree with Heather about the “stop sign” puffy. 

Is there any reason that Benny is Cupid’s least favorite pug? Poor Benny.

So happy your weather is turning back to normal.  Ours is getting colder again.

Hellen Norton


Poor Babies….at least you are sharing and getting warm. What precious puggies you are.
GiGi and Grannie Pug

Karen B


Yep, Cat-Dog for sure~! lol!

The kids snooze while “Puffy” stands guard!  I love it!  And yes, Cupid, you should LOVE Benny!  He’s priceless so what’s not to love?

Yesterday must have been National Pug-Spa Day.  C.J. and Toeby had baths, wrinkles, ears and all, except for the toes.  We let the vet trim those…I’m skittish!

pug mama


That picture is great!!!!  I know a kitty that hides under blankets when it gets cold, too-so cute:-) 

Benny, you have the cutest, wrinklyest, most adorable pug forehead I have ever seen!!!

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