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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Gotcha Day, Cupid


Eleven years ago today, we adopted Cupid from a local shelter. But, Cupid wasn't the cat we were supposed to adopt.

We had put in an adoption application for a different cat, but for reason's I can't remember that cat had a 3 day hold on it. So, we made sure we went to visit our soon to be cat everyday until we could bring her home. The first day we visited our potential kitty, the cat did nothing but hiss at us. This was odd because the day before the cat was perfectly nice to us. We chalked it up as a fluke and told her we would come back to visit the next day, which just happened to be Valentine's Day.

We returned the next day as promised and again the "almost ours" kitty had no love for us. She hissed and wanted nothing to do with us. We were starting to take it personally now and having doubts about adopting a kitty that clearly did not like us.

Dejected, we took a quick trip around the cat room and that is when we saw a cat rubbing up against the door of her crate. We stopped to say hello and a shelter volunteer quickly came over and asked if we wanted to hold the cat. We said yes, and Vanilla, which was the cat's pound given name, was quickly in our arms. She wasted no time flipping herself on her back and showing us her white belly.

For about 20 minutes the cat laid flat on her back, purring and kneading and drooling. Yes, drooling. Needless to say we were smitten.

The volunteer explained to us that Vanilla came to the shelter earlier that morning. A young couple brought her and her much older sister to the shelter because they just had a baby and Vanilla would not stay out of the baby's crib. The older cat that Vanilla came in with was not doing so well adjusting to her new surroundings, so the shelter staff called the young family and they returned to pick her up and bring her back home. After all, the older cat was not causing trouble with their baby. They wanted to be able to bring Vanilla back home, but they had to put their baby first.

We explained to the shelter staff, that we had an adoption application pending on a different cat that had done nothing but hiss at us since we signed our intent to adopt papers. The volunteer asked which cat and took a quick look at her files. She explained that the cat we had an adoption application on also had two backup adoption applications. So, if we chose not to adopt her, two other families were waiting in the wings.

We looked at each other, and within minutes we were filling out an adoption application for Vanilla.

As lovable as she is and given the fact that we adopted her on Valentine's Day we thought it was only proper to rename Vanilla to Cupid. After all, she used her charms to get herself sprung from the pound in less than 10 hours.

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Happy Gotcha Day, Cupid!!  Rather crafty of you to find your forever home in less than 10 hours!!  Very cleaver indeed.
So glad it has worked out!!
Happy Hearts Day to all!!



What a wonderful story…...Funny, about 12 years ago we adopted a kitty from a shelter….brought her home and she found a way to get into the dropped ceiling in one of the rooms in the big old house we were in….she stayed up there for 1 week before we could trick her down!!!!!! It was not a pretty thing…and she clearly didnt like us too much….we took her back (they werent too happy about it) and got another kitty…..and to this day we have Martha…..an all gray cat who is the most loving cat in the world!!! Who would ever guess shes almost 13 and acts like a kitten still!!!



Awwww, I love this story and finding out just how Cupid got her name!  Happy Gotcha Day Cupid!!  You are one smart kitty to have picked such a great forever home in such a short time.  You are a beautiful girl and I hope you celebrate today!



Happy Gotcha Day Cupid, and aren’t you the clever little kitty.  You spotted your new mom and dad immediately and did everything in your powers to make sure you were the one for them.  I’m glad they changed your name…it really suits you.  BTW you don’t look your age…reminds me of my Jassy.  Until 3 months before her passing she never looked to be 19-1/2 years old.  Many more Gotcha Days Cupid.



Your eyes may look serious, but I see the smile curling your lips.  You pulled one over on them, didn’t you.  Plus, you were very smart to pick the exactly right home to control.  You must have been so thrilled when the Pugs, and the Pug, and the Pug came to stay…something you hadn’t bargained for, I’ll wager.  Perhaps the move to Florida sweetened the deal?

Happy Gottcha Day, Cupid.  (cute story)

Pug hugs,
Huckle &
the Swamp Pugs



Corrine, I’ve never heard the Cupid story.  How wonderful for you and for “the Cupid formerly known as Vanilla”!  Have a great Gotcha Day Cupid!

sue s


This is a great “LOVE” story! Happy gotcha day Cupid!



The story of Cupid is wonderful to read on Valentine’s Day!

What does Cupid think of your pugs?  Is she owned by them?  What do the pugs think of her?



Happy Gotcha Day Cupid. You are a very lucky little kitty. I love cats but my sweet little hubby has put his foot down and said no more animals for a while. Maybe someday before too long, we can get another on.
Happy Valentines Day to everyone.



Happy Gotcha Day Cupid. A very fitting name for such a beautiful girl.



Happy gotcha day Cupid I loved reading the story she is one special kitty

patty v


what a sweet story! happy gotcha day cupid!

Hellen Norton


Oh Cupid…hve a great gotch day!!! Be extra kind to your other four legged family members!!

We have had cats in our family but one daughter was not able to be around them. Did find great homes for the ones we had.

HAPPY V DAY everyone!!!

Grannie Pug



See?  Sometimes it is better to be chosen, than to choose!



Brenda - have you ever tried “She followed me home”?
Hmmmmm, I might try that myself with getting another Pug although that wouldn’t work so well with finding a Pug roaming the neighborhood.



Cupid ~ You are one smart kitty. And how pretty are you?!!! Happy gotcha day! I loved hearing the story of you adopted your family!

Pug Hugs to all! From Gina & Pip

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