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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Benjamin, Luna and Henry

Happy 4th of July! And to our friends to the North a belated Happy Canada Day!

We had a fairly quiet holiday weekend. It is super hot here so we didn't do too much outside. But we did get a few games of chase in in the living room.

Since the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays, I also wanted to share one of my favorite pictures commemorating today. I just love this shot of Benjamin, Henry, Luna and Sol. Oh, how I miss that little lady.

Where we live it is not illegal to shoot off fireworks. So many people put on their own little fireworks show. It drives me nuts and it makes the pugs even crazier. The one good thing about Sol and her deafness was that she was oblivious to it all!

Have a safe and happy 4th!

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Happy fourth of July everyone I love this picture of Benny Henry and Luna I am with you Corrine it has been so hot this weekend we hit 100 yesterday my gang only want to go out long enough to do there thing then back into the cool house tonight will not be fun with the fireworks my gang get so upset with the noise My poor Emma trys to hideand Jasper one of my boxers paces the floor crying hope everyone has a great fourth



Happy 4th American Pug Families!!
Awesome photo of the gang!  Thank you for the Canada Day sentiments!  It was awesome..we had beautiful sunshine and warm weather, friday & saturday!
Sat out in the back yard friday night, enjoying Canada Day.
No fireworks in our town for Canda Day, but in two weeks there will be fireworks for a local festival.
Far enough from me, that the dogs in the neighbourhood will be safe.



Great picture of Benny, Luna and Henry.  Thanks for including the picture with precious Sol…it brought a tear…she was such a sweetheart, and I know you miss her terribly. 

So far not too noisy, but noisy enough.  Romeo is oblivious to the fireworks unless there is an especially loud, and illegal, bang.  Missy is forceds to go outside and then right back in.  Minnie does her thing and wants right back in also. As long as they are inside they are not too bothered.  Tonight I will keep the TV on to disguise some of the noise.  We will all be glad when it is over.  That may not be until 2-3 am.




Happy Fourth to everyone, and also a belated Happy Canada Day!  This pisture is beautiful, and I love the way they’re arranged in red, white and blue.

Thank you for the picture with Solsey celebrating, too!



The picture with Sol was breathtakingly beautiful and did take my breath away.  Thank you for posting it.

I’m not sure but in this year’s photo they,re saying “We’re ready to ride!”  They wouldn’t hold up banks, would they?

Gotta love those patriotic pugs!

Hellen Norton


It is now the fourth in Oregon and we have tons of fireworks for later. Love the picture of the three beauties above and cried over the one with precious Sol. Tears came and GiGi came over to give be a kiss on my wet face. she was in our lives for such a short time but the love we feel for her will be with us for a long time.



Happy belated 4th and Canada Day to all!!!  The pic with Sol definitely brought a tear and a smile…Miss her so.  Love this shot too, handsome (and pretty!) Patriot Puggies at their finest!!!

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