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Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Rule


I think if the cat deems the grass dry enough for her delicate paws, then the yard should be considered in adequate condition for the pugs as well. You hear that Luna. I'm talking to you. And Benny, I'm looking your way too.

Yesterday, when I took the pugs out to go potty in the backyard before dinner, I looked around and I had Henry, Sol & the cat in the yard with me. Luna & Benjamin were taking cover and it wasn't even raining. It had stopped raining about an hour before we went out. Why was the cat out in the yard with us? She wasn't there to go potty. She was there to supervise. Because the speed of the pugs' potty activities also affects whether or not her dinner makes it to the bowl in a timely fashion.

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Looking cozy luna as my four are that way if it’s not sunny and dry it’s a chore to go out mom has to just about carry them out.



Very, very funny…

I love hearing about all of the babies’ idisyncracies!  We know all of our pugs have them!!



that is the look of… no way mom, I am not going out there today!
Cupid is the before dinner supervisor… nothing will interfere with that by the sounds!!

sue s


Love these tidbits to start my day-even when theres a ton of work and a bad commute-THIS makes it all go away!Thank you Corrine for these daily tension releivers! Pug-hugs from the Colorado3 P.S.Luna,you stay nice and dry-you are such a sweetheart!




Kitty is really running the show:D



Picky little babies aren’t they.  Guess conditions have to be perfect for those two puggers.  Luna looks very saucy in this picture.  I have to laugh because mine don’t like wet grass.



I wonder if all pugs are like that my boys go out do there buiness and right back in when it is wet outside but the girls you have to force them to go out they dont want to get there pretty little feet wet now if it is sunny no problem they want to be out in the sun yet when I put the pool up they all five are right in it feet and all



Cupid and Henry, I think you’re going to have to have a stern talking-to to Luna and Benjamin.  You must put your paws and make them “take care of business!”



haha when we go for our walk to potty, Indy won’t walk on the wet grass unless i make her. Silly little princesses!

Jade and Lilly Rose


Forget it mom!  I’m comfortable and I ain’t moving!

Karen B


Boy, where was I yesterday?  I didn’t even put in my “2 cents” worth…

I should just mention that if the cat ain’t happy, she may seek revenge!  So you puggies line up and do your thing!!!

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