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Friday, July 1, 2011



Just like the defense in the Casey Anthony Trial, the pugs rest.

Have a great weekend everyone! And for those in the US, I hope you have a restful holiday weekend!

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So so witty Corrine, Love it!

Benjamin, your wrinkles are delightful and I want to smooch every single one!

Happy long weekend to all those celebrating.  I am happily sitting with my boys on this extra long weekend for us, yay!

Off to enjoy the sun…kisses to all and pug mama, I hope Abby is feeling better today…You’re still in my thoughts and prayers!

Pug Love,

Heather, Baxter, and Mr. Cole!



Yes, the pugs certainly do rest. They are almost experts on resting. Such an adorable picture. Happy 4th of July weekend everybody from your friends in Texas.



I agree with Heather…very witty Corrine!

And Corrine, how do you not just squeeze Benny’s face and smooch smooch smooch him?!!! Or maybe you do! I do that to Pip all the time and he is none to pleased. He snorts and walks away. My parents tell me that when I was a baby, I would always grab their faces and basically maul them. So they called me the Manasa Mauler. Pip now calls me the Manasa Mauler.

Oh well, he still wags his tail when he sees me so I figure he still loves me. smile

Have a safe and Happy Fourth to the Americans here and Happy Canada Day to the Canadians here and have a nice weekend to the rest of you. smile 

Pug Hugs to all from Gina & Pip



Benjamin, it doesn’t get any more restful than you.  I haven’t watch the Casey Anthony trial, except for bits and pieces, but hope the look your sweet face doesn’t indicate it was an exhausting experience for you.

I’m praying it doesn’t sound like WW3 around here this weekend.  So far it hasn’t been that bad, which is unusual, and wondering if Monday will be one of the more quiet events. 

Enjoy the long weekend, and be safe.

pug mama, please keep us informed over the weekend on your Abby.  Hope the meds are making a difference, and still keeping you and her in my prayers.



Could anyone ever look more comfy than Benny at rest?  Even though his wrinkles look as if they are about to slide off his face, I think they are at rest, too.

Decorating in our house has gone to new heights, er…lows. As was mentioned some time earlier in the blog posts, I have expanded on using potty pads on corners of furniture, etc. with a somewhat smaller version - sanitary napkins on every available corner.  Gee, I hope the minister doesn’t come calling!

Happy 4th everyone even if you are not from the USA.  Noted that there is a Canadian national holiday, is there also one for South Africa, etc.?



Huckle…..I wish I could meet you. Sanitary napkins… that is hilarious yet brilliant. smile You are a hoot!!!

Lola's Mum


Gorgeous photo. Happy Canada Day and Fourth of July, puggie-style, to you all!

Karen B.


Huckle, the sanitary napkins are probably cheaper too!  LOL

I agree wholeheartedly with the pugs…I REST MY CASE…



Benny, there are not enough jars of wrinkle cream to take care of your case of the wrinkles…not that I want you to lose them.  If only wrinkles looked that good on girls! 
Happy Independence Day everyone!

Darci and Abbey the Pug


With a new baby, I can’t handle watching the trial.  I’ll just have to wait for the verdict!

I know Luna does this, but does any other pug “scent” things?  I say scent because I’ve been a cat person all my life until now, and that is what cats do.  You know, finding something in the grass and rolling in it or rubbin on it. 

Yesterday was the first day I have seen Abbey do it.  She found a peanut some squirrel must have dropped.  She would pick it up, run by the tree, set it down, and roll/scent it.  Then she’d get back up, sniff for it (which was now a little difficult to find since all the grass now smells like her), find it, set it back down, and roll again!  She’s almost 5 and I’ve never seen her do this.  It went on for probabaly seven to ten minutes!  It was very entertaining to watch. 

Anyone else’s pug do this?  She’s semi-normal, right?!?!



I love the comments this mourning and Huckle thanks for my friday mourning smile and chuckle Benny as always you are so handsome I love your wrinkles
Pug mama sending good thoughts and prayers that Abby is doing better each day
hope everyone has a safe happy holiday weekend



Darcy, that is so funny.  Not only pugs, but all dogs do this, but not always to the extent your Abbey did.  She just wanted to make sure that the squirrel was not going to recapture that peanut…“it’s mine now”.  Thanks for sharing.

Gwen Woiken


Happy long weekend everyone.  I am so glad i finally found you all, i now have another place in which to bask in my puggy obsessions!

Benny you are so cute, such a beautiful bunch of wrinkles you have!

Just along the lines of scenting, so to speak, has anyone else noted their pug to be fairly good at sniffing things out that were lost?

Last winter, i was walking Lilo and on the way back to the house, she stopped and was digging at something in the middle of the road when she was crossing the street. Whatever it was, had been packed into the snow in the road from cars driving over it. Well she pulled it free digging away and until i bent over i didn’t recognize what it was as it was so packed with snow, but it was an ocean blue chenille glove i had lost about 2 weeks earlier and i had no idea where it could have gone. Lilo found it for me!

Again this spring, just to prove i wasn’t just flukey, and this one really surprised me, I had been outside on a ladder changing a light bulb in my outdoor coach light while talking on the phone as well. They have 4 little decorative screws that hold the top on.  Well i dropped one down to the ground and i looked for it but couldn’t find it on the patio, grass, or in the pea rock.  I figured, well the 3 screws should hold the top on good enough and put the ladder away. 

The next day i had Lilo outside with me after a walk, and she had her face to the ground, sniffing around. Not only did she find the missing decorative screw, she nosed it up out of the pea rock onto the patio block for me to see. 

Anyone else with similar experiences?

Pugmama - continued prayers and good energy to Abby from Lilo n Me



Hi Darcy ~ How is your little sweetheart? I hope motherhood is treating you well. I don’t blame you for not watching the trial. I’m obsessed with it. I can’t wrap my brain around what she did and how ‘cold’ she is. It just fascinates me. I can’t wait for the verdict. I wonder how long it will take the jury to decide. ugh!



Gwen - OMG Oh no, a psychic Pug (well, they all are to some extent- just too stubborn to be helpful).  Just think, you’ll never lose anything again!

Darci, no,she’s ‘Pug normal’.  Time to take some videos.
Cooper2 sorry about the Boxer reference)does this to some extent but he does it with toys. He’ll flip and flop them all over the yard (it looks like a toy box exploded out there). Every time he goes out, it is with some toy in his mouth. Pugs are goofy.



Pippy rubs on things that smell good. The dryer vent at my Dad’s is right as you go down the stairs outback and when the dryer is going, Pip will rub and rub like a cat. He rubs on candles (when they aren’t lit) and when I’m cooking or baking, he rubs on the back door in the kitchen. Such a cat!!! But funny!

Patty B.


Casey Anthony may rest her case, but Baby Benny rests his face!

pug mama


Abby is hanging in there.  She is able to sleep restfully now, at least, without the heaving breathing.  She still gets into scary scary bursts of coughing though, I just don’t think her trachea is very happy at all!!  The loose stools have stopped, so she has a clean bum finally.  Last night we both slept lots better, so that is a relief.  I know she is on the right meds, I just hope the coughing gets better, cuz it does sound like her already narrowed trachea has taken quite a hit with this coughing from the pneumonia.  Thank you for all your prayers <3



pug mama, thanks for the update on Abby.  I pray she continues to get better.  When does she go back to the vet?  Please give her gentle hugs from Sue VDB and Romeo.



Look at all those wrinkles smile Cuteness overload



oh how i wish i could just scoop him up and hug him and snuggle him and feel his puggy wuggy wubby pie softness against my cheek!
corrine, it’s a holiday up here in Canada too, you know. Independence Day may be the fourth of July, but Canada Day is July 1st!
(and princess Diana’s birthday)



and cute love it

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