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Friday, April 24, 2009

Playing Catch

It might sound odd, but one of the best ways for me to unwind after a hectic day is to toss Cheerios to the pugs.  When I first started this, the pugs were kinda like the Bad News Bears.  Luna can’t see, so she is pretty much out, Sol has had part of her jaw removed and the boys, well, they were surprisingly bad.  Horrible actually.

So when we first started, the pugs were so funny that I would laugh so hard my stomach would hurt.  The funniest thing to me was Benny.  He pretty much missed every Cheerio thrown at him.  So they would bounce off his mouth or his forehead and he would chase after them and eat them.  Well, when he started to catch them, he would catch it and then look for one on the floor.  It was like he didn’t realize that he caught it.

We would play a little bit each day and I would toss Cheerios to the pugs and hand one to each of the girls.  Slowly, the boys got better.  Henry progressed much faster than Ben, but now they are both to the point where they catch almost every Cheerio thrown their way.

So here is an exceptionally long, unedited video that has plenty of my annoying commentary of the pugs catching Cheerios.  It gets a little boring after a while, but be sure to tune in around 3:40.  At that point, I tried to see if Sol could catch a few Cheerios and what do you know, she did great!  She missed the first one, but nailed the rest after that.  This was the first time I had tried tossing one to Sol and you’ll be able to tell by me excitement in the video just how proud I am of her.  Even with part of her jaw removed she can still do it!

Untitled from obp on Vimeo.

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