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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Best Case Scenario

Luna after her surgery

Great news, everyone!  The results of Luna’s biopsy came back today and the bump on Luna’s eye is not cancerous!

Earlier in the week, the ophthalmologist called to let us know that the culture results were in and that the test showed that there were no “infectious agents” present.  My heart sank as soon as I heard this because I naturally assumed if it wasn’t an infection causing the bump that it must be cancer.  However, the ophthalmologist reassured me that this wasn’t necessarily the case and that the extra drops we had been giving Luna could have cleared up her fungal infection.

And it turns out that this is the case.  Since the bump is not cancer, it is presumed that the bump was caused by a fungal infection and that it required a strong course of drops to cure it.  Initial tests showed that Luna had a fungal infection in her eye, but the ophthalmologist recommended a biopsy after being on medicine to treat the fungal infection showed no signs of improvement in Luna’s eye.  The week leading up to Luna’s surgery for the biopsy, we increased the one set of drops and added another new drop to the routine.  This one, two punch is what finally cleared the fungal infection.

So, the fungal infection is now cleared!  We went to the ophthalmologist this morning and they said that Luna’s eye is healing very well.  We just have to keep a close watch to make sure things continue to progress.  If another one of these infections occur, which the ophthalmologist warned us about since Luna’s eye has an odd shape and is very bulgy, they may recommend that we permanently seal the corner of Luna’s eye.  This would help protect her eye.  However, this procedure may not even be necessary.

The white bump on Luna’s eye is what is left of the bump.  When Luna’s eye was at its worse, this bump was about three times the size and a very bloody, red color.  We are so glad that little Luna is on the mend.  Thanks to everyone for their prayers and positive thoughts!  We couldn’t have done this without you!

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