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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Help find Oscar - a stolen pug that needs his medicine

Help find OscarOscar is a 6-year-old pug that was stolen from his home in Broward County, FL last week during a robbery.  It is devasting enough to have Oscar taken from his family, but the 6-year-old pug also requires medication twice a day to treat a collapsed lung.

Below is a local news story about Oscar that gives more details.  If you can provide any information about Oscar please call the Broward Crime-Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS.

BROWARD COUNTY (WSVN)—A Broward family is offering a $500 reward for the return of their sick dog after it was stolen from their home during a burglary.

The Kirschenbaum family says burglars broke into their home Wednesday and not only stole jewelry but also their 6-year-old pug, Oscar.  Alan Kirschenbaum said his daughter, Audrey, hasn’t been able to sleep since the night of the burglary.

“Last night she was up all night long…” said Kirschenbaum of his daughter.  Audrey was the one who discovered Oscar missing.

Oscar has a collapsed lung and needs medication for it twice a day.  The Kirschenbaum’s say if their dog doesn’t recieve this medicine, he could have trouble breathing and even die.

“Jewelry is replaceable, this pet just has such fond memories for us, and you can’t replace that,” said Kirschenbaum.

“I don’t care about my things, I care about my dogs, my kids and my family,” said Lisa Kirschenbaum.

Oscar’s groomer is offering her business, Classy Pets on Wiles Road in Coral Springs, as a safe place to bring the pug so he can be returned to his owners.

Coral Springs Police alerted their humane unit to keep an eye out for the dog.  Anyone with information is asked to call Broward Crime-Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS


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Nicole Davis


I’m Soooo sorry you lost your pug. If you need any moral suppourt, I’m free for the summer! I am indeed a pug lover, and I know that panicky feeling that goes through you when a dog is lost. Please e-mail me @ nicole11d@adelphia.net. Thanks.

Yours truly,
Nicole Davis

P.S. I will pray for Oscar’s safe return. =) Keep trying to smile. =)



I am so very sorry your family has to go through such a horriable ordeal.As the owner of a 6yr old blind black pug who has to have meds also I know just the thought is gut wrenching. Your family including Oscar will be in our prayers.

Vickey Maroon


I’m so sorry for your loss…I am praying that Oscar is delivered back to you safe and unharmed…We too had our pug who’s name was Oscar also stolen from us a few yrs ago, but unfortunatly we have never seen him again…We just hope and pray that whoever took our babies will love them as much as we did…God Bless you and yours

heather brown


I am very sad and feel so bad for you.  This is a nightmare of a situation.  I pray he is well, and the person that took him has the heart to somehow return him to you. I would alert every vet in your area incase he is brought in for help, or the local pound.  I am sure you have done all of these steps. I would just die inside if someo one stole my Pug.  How about a reward posted..they may come forward for cash!! good luck..Heather/Barrie Ontario Canada



I don’t mean to upset you further but just this week folks all over the internet have been made aware of a pug named Oscar, supposedly 4 years old, in Virginia. A boy of 18 says he got the dog from a couple who could no longer keep him and plans to “set him free” tonight at 11:59 live on the net.  We found him on Myspace under the user name “jaylives88” where he pronounced proudly in his blog that he would sacrifice the dog and no one should try to stop him.
Some of my friends have contacted Tom of Myspace directly and tried calling police in the area.  I reported the innappropriate content to Myspace and shortly thereafter his account disappeared.



What kind of heart people have? How can burglers steal a dog? I hope the family get the dog back soon

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