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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Not likely Delaware will name pug as state dog

In May, lawmakers in Delaware introduced a bill that would name the pug as the state’s official dog.  Unfortunately, for pug lovers, it’s not likely the bill will pass.  However, that does not mean there is any shortage of pug lovers in Delaware.  Here is an interesting article explaining the many joys of pug ownership from some Delaware residents.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Dogs may dine with owners in FL

Governor Jeb Bush recently signed the “Doggie Dining” bill which allows city governments to decide whether local restaurants may allow dogs to dine with their owners in outdoor seating areas.  Even if a specific county permits dogs in outdoor areas,  restaurants reserve the final say on whether or not they will allow dogs on their premises. 

So far the reaction to the bill has been mixed.  Some think it is great, others think allowing dogs in restaurants is completely absurd.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  The “Doggie Dining” bill is currently under a 3 year test period.  After 3 years, lawmakers will re-evaluate the bill and see how well doggie dining goes over with Florida residents and tourists.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

New Bill includes Pets in Diaster Planning

A new bill that requires state leaders to include pet owners in emergency evacuation plans went before the House on Monday.  State and local preparedness offices that fail to include plans for the evacuation of pets and service animals would not qualify for FEMA grants.  If the bill passes, evacuation plans that include pets would be a huge incentive for residents in danger to evacuate.  A recent Zogby International poll found that “49 percent of adults say they would refuse to evacuate if they couldn’t take their pets with them.”

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Delaware may name pug as state dog

State lawmakers in Delaware are currently reviewing a bill that proposes the pug as the state’s official dog.  The bill touts the pug as “a small, intelligent, and much revered dog.”  Representative Robert Valihura Junior, who introduced the bill, says the pug is an appropriate breed to represent the nation’s second-smallest state.
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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ohio’s crackdown on Puppy Mills

In 2004, Ohio officials seized 27 pugs from a farm in a “puppy mill” raid.  Luckily, a local rescue group was able to get the neglected pug puppies proper medical attention.  22 of the 27 pugs were adopted and given a fresh start at life.

Unfortunately, puppy mills, where dogs are repeatedly breed and kept in horrible conditions, are far too common.  To help crackdown on puppy mills, Ohio’s State Sen. Gary Cates has drafted legislation that would:

  • set a limit to how many times a dog can breed
  • set regulations on cage sizes and the number of food and water dishes that needed to be present
  • require commercial kennels to obtain special licenses
  • establish special investigation units to look into any complaints of improper breeding

Senator Cate’s legislation is still being refined and drafted, but dog advocates feel that this bill is a step in the right direction in putting an end to puppy mills.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mayor given pug as bribe?

In Danbury, Connecticut, it seems Mayor Mark Boughton has created quite a stir by accepting a pug puppy from David Caruba, an elderly Danbury resident. Karl Murphy, a police veteran, has filed a grievance with the city’s board of ethics over the gifting of the pug and claims that the Mayor is violating his own policies.

Mayor Mark Boughton insists that the gift is not political at all and it is just a kind gesture on behalf of Mr. Caruba after hearing how upset the Mayor’s family was when their 9 year old pug passed away in January. Caruba contends that he was just looking for a loving home for the young pup after it was given to him by his children as a present. Both Boughton and Caruba assert that the claim filed is ridiculous and a waste of the city’s time.

Even though the allegations may be a little far fetched, you have to agree that pugs can be pretty persuasive.

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