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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mayor given pug as bribe?

In Danbury, Connecticut, it seems Mayor Mark Boughton has created quite a stir by accepting a pug puppy from David Caruba, an elderly Danbury resident. Karl Murphy, a police veteran, has filed a grievance with the city’s board of ethics over the gifting of the pug and claims that the Mayor is violating his own policies.

Mayor Mark Boughton insists that the gift is not political at all and it is just a kind gesture on behalf of Mr. Caruba after hearing how upset the Mayor’s family was when their 9 year old pug passed away in January. Caruba contends that he was just looking for a loving home for the young pup after it was given to him by his children as a present. Both Boughton and Caruba assert that the claim filed is ridiculous and a waste of the city’s time.

Even though the allegations may be a little far fetched, you have to agree that pugs can be pretty persuasive.

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