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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ohio’s crackdown on Puppy Mills

In 2004, Ohio officials seized 27 pugs from a farm in a “puppy mill” raid.  Luckily, a local rescue group was able to get the neglected pug puppies proper medical attention.  22 of the 27 pugs were adopted and given a fresh start at life.

Unfortunately, puppy mills, where dogs are repeatedly breed and kept in horrible conditions, are far too common.  To help crackdown on puppy mills, Ohio’s State Sen. Gary Cates has drafted legislation that would:

  • set a limit to how many times a dog can breed
  • set regulations on cage sizes and the number of food and water dishes that needed to be present
  • require commercial kennels to obtain special licenses
  • establish special investigation units to look into any complaints of improper breeding

Senator Cate’s legislation is still being refined and drafted, but dog advocates feel that this bill is a step in the right direction in putting an end to puppy mills.

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