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Monday, July 17, 2006

Pug Dog Encephalitis Resource

Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE) is a fatal disease that only affects pugs.  Village of Hope is a great resource completely devoted to educating others about PDE and raising money to research this deadly disease.  Village of Hope is a great place to start in finding out more about Pug Dog Encephalitis or to connect with others who have witnessed first-hand the affects of this disease.

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Well I would definitely take him to the vet. Maybe he has worms or something. It doesnt sound luck PED but I would go asap to get a doctors opinion.

PS Raveendran


We have one little pug just 40 days old. She- Tany - was very naughty and very affectionate. She used to sleep on the laps of my wife only and is being good companion as I was working abroad.  A week ago , she suddenly fell sick and vomitting . She was given good attention by doctors but she passed away yesterday. They said her pancris were affected and there is no medicine in India to treat her.I can not persudade my wife and none of us could not bear the loss.



On Dec. 13, 2009 we had to put our baby Higgins down, due to PDE. We are devastated to have lost him. He was our child. He had just turned a year and a half on Dec. 11th, and was already two days into showing signs of PDE. I first noticed he was losing his balance going up the stairs, then made a loud yelp when he jumped off the sofa. I first thought he may have had a broken bone, but the stumbling was getting worse. I took him to the vet, where she proceeded to run several tests before concluding she couldn’t find anything wrong. She suggested if his condition worsened, we should take him to the only Neurologist in the area for an MRI. 3 days later,after noticing his eyes were twitching slightly and he was just sitting in one place looking like he was in terrible pain, Saturday, Dec. 12th we rushed Higgins to the Animal ER Hospital, where the Vet on call asked us if we have heard of PDE. He allowed us to take Higgins home that night, however once in the car heading home, Higgins had his first full blown seizure. We rushed him back to the hospital where he had two more seizures overnight. We went back to the hospital on the 13th and knew we couldn’t keep him anymore. He could barely walk, was having small seizures in our arms and it seemed as though he didn’t know who we were. My boyfriend Chris and I made the tough decision to put him down. I will miss my sweet baby Higgins until the day I die. He brought so much joy and happiness to our lives. No other animal will ever take his place.



I am so sorry to hear about your precious boy Higgins. It breaks my hear to hear this everytime someone repsonds to my post. I wish I could tell you the hurst goes away. But for me 1 1/2 years later my heart aches everyday for Girlie. You must seek comfort in knowing yu did everything you could and that he had so much love for the time he was on earth. I pray for peace for you and your boyfriend. Espically this time of year. He will have Girlie as a freind in heaven and she will take good care of him.
Allison Carmello

Jessica Comfort and Darwin Navarrete


I have had two dogs who have passed with what I believe to be PDE. The first was Chloe who was a 3-year-old pure bred pug and the second was Lily a 9-month old Jug (Pug-Jack Russel mix) who we had to have put down yesterday. Her symptoms started a week ago and progressed so fast. She started with short seizures that she would snap out of and appear fine and eventually was not snapping out of her lethargic episodes for days. She ended up getting so bad that she would no longer eat and started defecating while laying down. We had her on pain medications but felt that she was still uncomfortable. She had so much fight in her and did not want to let go, we eventually had to help her with this. We are going to miss her so much and so is her Bloodhound sister Maggie.

PS Raveendran


Really it is very sorrow and unbearable loss of a pug puppies . The pug puppies are really become a part of a member of the family and loved by everyone because of their innocent look. We have also lost 4 months baby - TANY -and the loss is irreolacelble. My wife is daily crying and our home becomes so dull now a days.We do not know the reason why Tany left us so early .



To Lauren,
  I strongly suggest you to go to a good vet soon because PDE is fatal.

Few years ago, I lost my first pug for no reason.  He was put on the balcony for several hours during the summer, and then when i came back he was gone.  Then I got two female pugs, and now they are both about 3 years old.  One of them started to seizure which scared the hell out of me. Then i immediately took her to the clinic.  But in the clnic, she was drooling and nearly fainted.  I supposed it was the brain damage which caused the behavior.  however, the vet did not do any scan and anything, and told me she was just neverous.and just diagnosed her as epilepsy. After a month, while she started to recover i had to leave the town and give my pugs to my brother to take care of.  Then just few days ago, she started to seizure again under medication.  my bro took her to another clinic and she is diagonised with PDE. The good news is that she was rescued by a new drug which treats PDE. The bad news is 60% of pugs will survive and 40% will die. 

  o god, i just wish i can be by her side when she’s in pain. she is so cute and so close to me.



My Pug Maggie was 6 years and 3 months old. I rescued her when she was 8 months old. Last Friday she started having seizures(the vet said he had never seen the kind she was having. do not confuse it with convulsing.) and we could not figure out what was going on. The Vet put her on Phenobarbital. She would walk up and rest her head on your leg and then she would start pacing in circles. She would then start breathing heavily and making a gagging noise, like she couldn’t catch her breath. If you touched her face she would start this terrible screaming noise. She had 7 of these by Sunday evening. My brother researched and found www.pugvillage.com and learned about PDE. Our Vet said he had only seen 2 cases in 13 years. We tried the Phenobarbital for a week and it was just not working. She must have been suffering so bad and in pain so we decided it was for the best to put her to sleep. I hope no one else has to go through this with their Pug. She will be missed very much.



To the onwer of Maggie,
  I am terribily sorry of what happened to Maggie. The decision you and your brother made must be very hard.  she will difinitely be missed.  But, you actually lightened my hope of my pug Piao-Piao by the fact Maggie was rescued when she was only 8 months old.  I am really surprised and thinking there is still hope with my baby who is only 2 years old.  I bet Maggie must love you too much so she wouldn’t want to leave. 

I miss my pug soooooo much, she’s coming back to me on 2/22/10, but recently she was hospitalized again. I do not know whether she can go through it. It was heart breaking that i couldn’t be by her side when she was suffering.



well mine named ryley was almost 7 years old and started pacing at around 1 am on january 23rd 2010 andhad a bunch of seizures we are not sure its PDE and hope not but unfortunately that seems to be the case lets hope she pulls through other wise i dunno wut my mother will do…....

Jawnie Brudek


We lost our little boy yesterday. Titus Had pde. We are so devasted. Our lives and house feel so empty without him. I want to have a pde walk in Titus’ memory to raise money and awareness about this pug killer.



My 3 year old pug Rafael was diagnosed with PDE on January 28th.  He only had minor changes in the brain, which were identified through a spinal tap and MRI.  The only symptoms he had were five seizures over a two-day period.  Luckily, my vet was amazing and immediately referred me to a specialty vet to get the above-mentioned tests.  The specialty vet has been treating this very aggressively…Raf is on two different steroids, an anti-seizure medication, and we get injections of Cytosar, a chemo medicine, every three weeks.  So far, Raf has been amazing…no more seizures or other symptoms of PDE.  I wouldn’t rush to put your pug down if he/she is diagnosed with PDE.  I know it’s not an easy disease to watch your pug go through, but Rafael has been doing great.  He still has an extremely high (spoiled, LOL) quality of life, and I firmly believe the medications are helping him.  I know PDE can’t be cured, but it can certainly stopped and/or slowed down from progressing.  One day, I will eventually have to make that awful decision, but for now, he is doing amazingly, and I wouldn’t trade him for the world! 

It is extremely scary when your vet tells you your pug has PDE…but my vet was great.  He said, “Don’t let the internet scare you.  There are plenty of awful stories out there, but there are great stories, as well.”  He further told me he’d treated many dogs with PDE who went into “remission” and lived for years.  So there is hope out there!

Just know when you’re going through this, you aren’t alone…we’re out there, too!



Hi.  I have an 8 1/2 year old pug.  He has chronic ear disease and has been on prednisone since dec. and on and off simplicef.  He has developed additional problems. Along with his head tilt (has had since dec) he now has facial paralysis on one side, is panting all the time (way more than normal on prednisone), and has a muscle spasm (?) tremor near his upper left side of chest that shakes his head and entire body.  His one eye(the side that is paralyzed) is now cloudy and has a small white speck on it).  There are parts of the day he seems ok, parts where is not too bad, and times when he’s really bad.  He’s seems to be worst in the morning and night. Does any of this sound like PDE?  Or does anyone have any idea what it could be. He did have a CT scan in Jan (thats how he was diagnosed with the ear disease) and there were no signs of brain tumors or anything.  My vet does not know what the cause of this all is.  We all just assume its part of the ears. He’s been this way for almost 2 weeks with no real change.  If he doesn’t get better in a few days my vet suggests putting him down, because he doesn’t have a good quality of life.  Can anyone give me any advice or ideas to what this might be?



To Jen,
  I strongly stuggest you to take your pug to a specialist and to get the best treatment that he needs.

Cindy & Jon


Our almost 8 year old pug, Koopie, started acting differently about 3 weeks ago.  We took her to our vet who thought she was experiencing allergies and wanted us to bring her back for blood work if she did not improve.  After we returned from a 5 day trip 2 days ago she had become a lot worse circling, appears to be blind now, several seizures the past 24 hours.  Just trying to make her comfortable today.  It is the saddest thing to watch.  She is alert and listening to the sounds around her but can’t walk straight and although she has an appetite can’t drink or eat without one of us holding her over the bowl. Feel sure it is PED and will take her back to our vet first thing in the am.



I read all the posts, and it is heartbreaking. My Prissy girl is 5. Last year the seizures started, she slept under the covers, which I thought was a factor in her going into seizures. We took her to the vet of course and we started phenabarbital and predisone. It did work. It has been a year with no seizures I have seen. But now, ahe cant jump. Her head is titlted all the time, her legs seem lame and I think she is 80percent blind and at night 100 percent. I already lost a pug this year because of poisioning I do belive it iss pde advanceing. She is almost invalid but I still hold hope she will be ok. Being completley broke and living on 500 a month doesnt help. Any thoughts anybody? Shes hanging on, am I being selfish here? She doesnt seem to be in pain, just not with it.

please email me gerilsamuel at gmail .com or facebook/gerilsamuel, I pray for all the pugs suffering with this.



There is hope!!!

My pug Mika was diagnosed with PDE in May 2010.
This was after severe neurologic symptoms (Circling etc) The vet did a spinal tab to confirm it was inflammation on the brain.

Lab results were sent to two of South Africa’s leading specialists.

Mika was immediately put on 5 X 5mg Prednisoline (cortisone) and then 0.93ml Cytosar(Chemotherapy drug) in the morning and the evening for 2 days.
She started showing a great improvement and after 5 days she could come home.
She remained on 5 X 5mg Prednisoline (additional medication is required to prevent stomach ulcers when on 5 tablets) for a month, this was reduced to 2.5 for a month and she is now on 1.5 a day.

She has 0.93ml Cytosar(Chemotherapy drug) in the morning and the evening for 2 days every 21 days.

The specialist recommended that she remain on the medication indefinitely as dogs when taken of the medication have a relapse and after do not respond to the medication as well as what is needed.

There is hope
Its been 5 months and she is doing great!
She has no new symptoms since the original incident.
(The incident has caused minimal permanent brain damage as her one front leg is not 100% but it’s barely noticeable and her sight has been affected slightly)

Attached is a pic of Mika recovering at the Vet hospital just before coming home.



My everything in the world, my best friend King who is only 1 year and 2 months old , behaves very strange for the last 2 days :( He doesn’t have any ceizures , he only had several breathing problems, a long time ago, but as i am informed it is common for pugs , and it happened only couple of times, but nothing close to ceizures that are mentioned in all these heart-breaking situations and stories… But, when i start reading about PDE i always find common symptoms. He is very calm, he is not happy, his tail is down, he is disoriented, he needs a wall or other object to feel secure while walking, he is walking in circles ,i think he can’t see well,because he hit his head into the door or wall several times. King is not reacting as previously, he was happy, fast, active, licking our faces and jumping over our heads, books, computers.Now he is behaving opposite, sleeping all the time. He is afraid to jump down from the furniture , also to jump up or walk down or up-stairs. I am sooo worried because exept ceizures and showing pain-crying loud, he has other symptoms that are freaking me out when i read all of this on this site. He eats ok and he drinks water like slways. We went to the vet and he checked his eyes-reacting ok, but when he walks i think he can’t see, i call him-he doesn’t come and he can’t locate me which never happens. I don’t want to think about PDE but if it is , i will die with him, i can’t live without him. Mommy loves him more than everything in this world. The vet doesn’t know what it is but he suspects it is the ear thing and he gave him antibiotic, plus cinedil, plus b vitamine. The strangest thing is PDE has never happened in our country and it is an unknown disease to all people -pet owners and vets. Please tell me what it can be? i am so afraid… the blood analysis show increased wbc- 21.1, Lymph# 6.4, Lymph% 30.1, Gran # 13.4, mcv 88.1, mch 27.7, so it might be a virus, bacteria, ear inflamation or the worst pde. Please help me, tell me what can it be? i realy need help :(



Hi guys,

would appreciate somebodys feedback to my post if possible?

my little pug Bella is 11 months old.  6 months ago she woke us in the night with a huge yelp! we went downstaris and she was frothing at the mouth shivering and wobbling (as if she was drunk or had a stroke) she had also messed herself! she couldnt walk very well and kept falling over.  we took her to the vet but they didnt know what it was and suggested she had an alergic reation to something she had eaten.  the next day after a long sleep she was fine and six months passed and she was absolutely fine until the other night when a similar thing happened…she went all wobbly and her eyes were rolling she was shivering again and couldnt walk properly….took her to the vets and again the next day she was fine! and still is fine! ive not noticed any head pressing or pacing in circles - although she does sometimes chase her tail (as i thought all dogs did).  please could anybody give me their opinion as to whether they think this could be PDE? - the thing thats keeping my hope alive is that i checked with the breeder and no cases of PDE have been in my bellas line - not only that but if it were PDE wouldnt the symptoms have got worse by now? its been nearly 7 months since her first “episode” and 4 days since the last….

marie xxx




I would try a different Vet. Not all Vets know much about PDE. Mine didn’t. With my pug, it all happened very fast. It is very hard to watch so the sooner you can find out, the better. I know the owner of my pugs brother and they have not had any problems with theirs. Good Luck and I hope it is not PDE.

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