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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pug Rescue of North Carolina Needs your help

I found this via My Pugs Blog today:

Folks, we need your help. Our rescue box truck rolled into our Greensboro, NC headquarters tonight with 33 adult dogs from a confiscation in Wilson, North Carolina. We do not have a total headcount on all the PUPPIES yet, but we have them, and we have pregnant females.

Twenty of the dogs we picked up were pugs to add to the four he relinquished to us yesterday, one pug girl is in labor tonight. There are several more in various stages of pregnancy and some just bred and not showing yet. Pugs will be multiplying VERY fast here.

In addition, we have 5 or 6 mini schnauzers, one mom is nursing 5 tiny babies. We do not know yet how many more of them are pregnant.

We have 1 wunderwhat. He/she is either a Westie or a Wheaten. We’re not sure which yet.

We have 3 min pins…one pregnant and showing

We have a pregnant chi/min pin mix who will not come out of her crate and is possibly in whelp.

We have asked these other breed rescues to come help us take all but the pugs. We need help with the pugs as well. Anything you can do to help us will be deeply

Here is the website:

You can also email Judy at sweetpug@aol.com or Chris at

I hope we can all pull together and help out!


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Lyn Moller


I am very interested in adopting a pug or any other dog you have that is in need of an immediate home.  We have one other dog—a rescued mutt.  Just let me know
Lyn Moller
804 337 5409
Chesterfield va



what happened to the pugs? are they in good condition now? i’m open from adoption. i’m from the philippines and a pug lover but my boyfriend is in florida he can bring home the pug to me

email me



I am interested in fostering.  I just lost a 13 y/o female standard poodle and am not ready to make a permanent commitment.  I have another dog, Lucky, a 7 year old very sweet, laid back mix breed that we rescued off the street @ 6 mos.  I will fill out an app. if requested.  Thank you.

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