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Friday, March 5, 2010

Whose Mouth is Cleaner - Yours or Your Pug’s?

This is one of those questions that it is probably best we don't ponder too often. The short answer is that both our mouths have roughly the same amount of bacteria - just different kinds. You can read the whole post here to get all the "germy" details and also find out a few other tidbits like why dogs rarely get cavities.

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Debbie & Rick


It will be a great opportunity to meet the following pug rescue organizations that will participate in our 2010 event.

Alabama Pug Rescue
Dallas Fort Worth pug rescue(Texas)
GMPR pug rescue(Vermont)
Homeward Bound pug rescue (Oklahoma)
Kentuckiana pug rescue(Kentucky and Indiana)
Michigan pug rescue
Minnesota Pug rescue
Nebraska Pug Partners pug rescue
NIPRA (IL) pug rescue
SEPRA (Missouri Division)pug rescue

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