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Friday, October 3, 2014

Benny Snacks


Last week we had about 12 inches of rain in a 24 hour period. At the house, we were lucky enough not to have any flooding. In the days following the rain, it was hot, humid and sunny. Which let to a bed of mushrooms growing in the yard.


Whenever I see a mushroom, I think of Benny. When Benny was a puppy, a very young puppy, less than 6 months, he almost died from eating a mushroom.

I had taken the boys out for a walk. At that age, the boys were hard to walk. They didn't really walk. Instead they just chased each other around, getting their leashes wrapped around everything. In addition to all their shenanigans they ate everything they came across. As I was unwrapping Henry from around a light pole, Benny found a mushroom growing in the grass and ate it. I yelled for him to stop, but of course he didn't listen. As soon as I could get to him, I got as much of the mushroom out of his mouth as possible, but it was really too late. He had already eaten a few bites.

I wasn't happy that Benny ate the mushroom, but I didn't think nothing of it at first. We finished our walk and Benny seemed to be doing fine. But a few minutes after getting home from our walk, Benny was no longer feeling very well. He started vomiting and having diarrhea simultaneously. Knowing that Benny had just eaten the wild mushroom, I scooped him up, wrapped him in a towel and we rushed to the vet. The drive to the vet was not far at all, but Benjamin was throwing up and have diarrhea the whole way there. The towel was quickly soaked through and by the time I got to the vet I was covered in throw up and poop. The vet stabilized him and then we took him to the emergency vet where he spent the night.

Benny made a full recovery, of course, and lucky for us, Benny got a bit more selective for things he tried to eat on his walks. And of course we never let him get near another mushroom.

I still drive the same car that I rushed Benny to the vet in that day. I spent hours and hours cleaning up the car, but the standing joke is that if CSI ever were to inspect the car, we are sure they would find trace amounts of vomit and fecal matter in some nook or cranny.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Flowers for Benny and Luna

Benajamin and Luna

Its hard to tell that Fall is coming in Florida, but the calendar is telling us otherwise. We always get mums in the Fall and this year we decided to plant them with Benny and Luna's flags. I can't wait until they are in full bloom!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ink For Benny

Benny and Cupid

A few weeks ago, I got a small tattoo in remembrance of Benjamin. At the very last minute, I changed my mind and went with "Benny" instead of "Benjamin" for the text inside the bone. "Benny" just felt right to me because that is what I always called him.

A tattoo for Luna is in the works. I am just finalizing the design and figuring out where I want to put it. I'm debating on putting it near the tattoo I have for Sol.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Goodbye Baby Benny


I am very sad to say that Benjamin passed away yesterday morning. Wednesday night he had another one of his breathing/coughing/panting episodes. This one began shortly after dinner. We gave him one of the special shots we have on hand for emergencies like this, but it did not work like it did last time. The first time we gave him the shot, it took 9 minutes before he was calm and resting easy. Last night, it took 43 minutes for us to start to see any relief and the relief was only mild and not long lasting. As the night progressed it became more and more clear that this was going to be a long lasting episode. We did our best to keep Benjamin as comfortable as possible throughout the night and took him to the vet first thing in the morning.

While we knew Benjamin's trachea issues and other maladies were progressing, we were not expecting to get to this point so quickly. And although we anticipated summer being a struggle, we still thought we had a few more months at least.

Amidst the whirlwind of emotions and throughout conversations since Wednesday night, one prevailing theme has risen above all others and this is how happy and positive Benjamin was in life. He assumed the best in everyone and everything. He touched everyone he met and made them feel loved and left them with a smile.

In the spirit of Benjamin, I want to take this time of enormous sadness and remember all the joy that Benjamin brought to our lives. If you have a moment, reflect upon a favorite story or Benny-ism and post it in the comments for us all to share. I can't think of any better way to celebrate the pumpkin bread loving, pillow king that was the luxuriously wrinkly and most handsome pug we called Baby Benny.

On a side note, I expect we will take a hiatus from posting next week to take some time to process everything. We will return soon.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Pick of the Litter


With so many dog beds I often wonder why the pugs pick the bed they do. My office is one of the rooms with the most dog beds. I like to give the pugs options since when I am in that room it is usually for large amounts of time. Last week I had a work from home day and I got a chuckle out of Benny passed out on the dog bed in the farthest corner of the room. Is this the comfiest bed? Quietest corner? Least drafty spot?

I think it might have to do with it being a double dog bed stack. You know Benny loves his pillow piles!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smallest to Tallest

Luna, Benjamin and Henry

From the looks of it, you might think that we run a tight ship around here and insist that the pugs line up in size order - smallest to tallest.

While this doesn't happen frequently, I have caught them in this order before. I wonder if one of them has OCD or something.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Rough Weekend

Poor Benjamin and Luna had a very rough weekend. Both of them have collapsed tracheas so there is generally a chorus of coughing and goose honks echoing throughout the house. However, this weekend was extremely bad.

Benny got so bad on Sunday, that we sent a video to our vet to get his opinion on Benny's condition. (Our vet totally rocks! He was crazy enough to give us his cell phone number and we text him or send pictures and videos to him from time to time to answer some of the many questions we have while caring for a group of senior pugs). After viewing the video, our vet suggested that we give Benny a shot we have on reserve for Benjamin in case he gets too worked up. We had the shot on hand for quite some time now and unfortunately on Sunday, we needed to use it.

Benny took the shot like a champ. I think it was harder on us than it was on him. We tested our strategy (how we would hold him, etc) for administering the shot on Henry since he was nice and calm at the time. Henry was a good sport, but he did look at us a bit like we had lost our mind. If he could talk, I'm sure he would be saying, "You have the wrong pug!"

While were aren't 100% sure what caused Benjamin and Luna to have such a hard time this weekend, we are pretty sure the weather was the culprit. It was disgustingly humid this weekend. With summer looming, I'm hoping this weekend is not a preview of what's to come.

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