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Friday, August 1, 2014

The Beach


Henry has always loved the beach, so we thought we would take him over one evening for a bit of fun. We almost never go to the beach during the summer. It is just too hot for the pugs to have any fun. But, Henry handles the heat a lot better than Benjamin and Luna did and an afternoon storm had just rolled through and cooled things off so we thought we would give a quick trip to the beach a go.


Except for one other dog playing fetch, we had the whole beach to ourselves. And that dog was so involved in his game of fetch that he didn't even notice us. Henry got his feet wet and strolled along for a bit. Then, the weather turned on us and big storm started heading our way. We high tailed it to the car. The weather cut our trip a bit short, but it was fun nonetheless.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brain Games


On our last visit to the pet store, Henry and I struck a compromise and we left with neither a fish nor a dog bed. Instead we bought a brain game. The one we bought has 3 different games that are all a variation of hiding a treat. One involves turning over little cups to reveal a treat, the other moving a disc to reveal the treats and the third requires the pooch to slide the cups to get the treat.

We thought this game might be fun for Henry and would requiring a little bit of thinking which would be a good thing. The easiest game seemed to be the one where you knock over the cup to reveal the treat. So we loaded up the game with treats and added the cups. To help Henry get the hang of things we even put treats in the open spaces. Freebies so to speak to get him interested.

Here's Henry's first attempt at the game.

Henry quickly eats all the "free" treats. He knows that there are more treats under the cups, but in typical Henry fashion, he decides he better hang back and ask for permission to eat the cover treats. He wouldn't want to cause a ruckus.

While Henry was waiting around for someone to uncover his treats, the cat became pretty interested in the game. So we gave her a turn. She certainly wasn't waiting for permission to eat the covered treats. She managed to figure out how to slide the green circle to reveal little bits of hidden roast beef.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014



We were looking to do something fun last Saturday night, but it was a bit too hot out. So, we decided to take Henry on an air conditioned adventure to the pet store. Henry seems to enjoy these outings because there is so much for him to smell. As such, his favorite section is the dog food isle, with the fish department coming in a close second. I'm not really sure what his fascination with the fish is all about, but it is a least fun for us to watch him smelling about.

As for me, no trip to the pet store would be complete without moseying on over to browse the dog beds. This particular store has a whole wall of dog beds. The dog bed section is a total snooze fest for Henry. When I asked him for his thoughts on a particular bed, he gave me a look to let me know that he was about to stage an intervention.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fill`er Up!


Henry is always looking for an adventure and with the weather already being too hot to take long walks we are becoming quite creative when thinking up new adventures for him. It seems he has become the official errand pug. His most recent errand has been gassing up the car. He really seems to enjoy this errand as he is ever so curious about the other people at the gas station. That or he is just looking for the person that gives out treats. Because whenever he goes to the bank or through the drive thru he always scores a treat. I think he is still trying to figure out the gas station adventure.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smallest to Tallest

Luna, Benjamin and Henry

From the looks of it, you might think that we run a tight ship around here and insist that the pugs line up in size order - smallest to tallest.

While this doesn't happen frequently, I have caught them in this order before. I wonder if one of them has OCD or something.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Luna and Henry Approved

Luna and Henry

We bought a new duvet for the bed and no sooner did we put it on the bed, Luna and Henry were wanting to get up on the bed to check out their new threads. They sniffed around a bit, but then settled in giving it their seal of approval.

Since the pugs sleep on the bed, we have always opted for a duvet over a comforter because it is so much easer to wash. And with 3 pugs sleeping in the bed, let me tell you, that duvet gets a lot of washing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Handsome Hank


The other day Henry wanted to get up on the big people bed even though it wasn't bedtime. (I guess he just wanted to be near his "people" because I was putzing around the bedroom---putting clean clothes away, placing shoes that had been left around the house back in their proper place, etc)

I noticed how the light from the lamp caught his "no eye" while making his eye seem very sparkly. He put on a puppy face that I have not seen in a while and I was fortunate to capture that moment in time. He has been a much happier boy since having his stinky eye removed. He's adjusting well and this really shows that he is just as handsome as ever.

Who needs a second eye anyway? Not Hank! He's a one eyed winky wonder.

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