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Monday, January 5, 2009

Calling All Scrapbookers!

Do you like to scrapbook?  If so, you can combine your love for pugs and scrap booking and possibly win money for your favorite pug rescue organization.  Milwaukee Pug Fest is holding their Annual Scrapbooking Contest and would love to see your entries.  The details on the contest are below:



Send actual/original 8½ x 11 or 12 x 12 single-page layout(s) highlighting your interpretation of this year’s theme: SENIOR PUG(S).
Each page should include:
a title (the theme does not have to be the page’s title)

You can use original black or white or color photo(s) or copies. Original page(s) will not be returned. They will become property of Pug Hugs, Inc. and will be used for future educational and fundraising purposes.

Pug(s) featured in layout do not have to be the entrants own pug or have been rescued. Those wishing to enter the contest and do not have pug photos can email Pug Hugs, Inc. (Rick or Debbie) at rkopaczewski@wi.rr.com.

Multiple submissions are allowed. Each submission will be judged separately.

Please put your name, complete address (including, city, state, zip code), telephone number, email address , the name of the pug rescue group (that would receive the donation in your name), its presidents name and their email address on the back of each page submitted. Also email rkopaczewski@wi.rr.com when page(s) are mailed.

Entries must be received by February 1, 2009. Send to:
Milwaukee Pugfest
1729 Walnut St
South Milwaukee, WI 53172

Winners will be chosen by February 27, 2009 and will be notified no later than March 2, 2009 via email or telephone.

Winners will receive the following:

1st Prize:  A $250 donation from Milwaukee Pugfest made in their name to the pug rescue of their choice
2nd Prize: A $150 donation from Milwaukee Pugfest made in their name to the pug rescue of their choice

A $100 donation will also be given to the pug rescue with the most page submissions. So scrap often!


Entries will be judged and winners chosen based upon quality of craftsmanship, design, originality, creativity, journaling, photo(s), title, skill of techniques and whether the entry meets criteria listed above. Judging will done by a panel of instructors from a local scrapbook store.

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Hmmm…..I think you now have a beautiful subject to use for this contest!!

My kids have the wrinkles, but they don’t have enough white hair to qualify as seniors grin
Good Luck to all who enter!!



Hi Stacey,
You might contact your favorite rescue,  I am sure that they could supply you with some unique pug photos of their senior pugs. 

Remember,  the rescue with the most submissions will get a $100 donation.



all pugs are cuteness ppl praise the pugs!!!!!!



My pug also is a young pup. She is only 8 months old!
Come on all pug lovers, get some pages made up and help out a great pug rescue group!

karen- gmpr


Anyone that has a younger pug- and wants to create a page- contact your local pug rescue- make the page and give to them to put on a senior pug:)

I would take the page in a second smile hahaha

hugs to you all for helping in this contest and helping out your pug rescue!

Karen Powers



69 scrapbook pages were submitted.  It took us a week to organize and photograph them for the website. 
They will be delivered to the judges at the scrapbook store this morning. 
Every single page displayed the great love that rescuers have in their heart for senior pugs.
They are all beautiful. 

I will update everyone as soon as our webmaster posts them on our website. 
The dig pictures just can not do the pages justice,  but Rick took pictures the best that he could.

Thank you for helping to promote our event.
I am sure that the rescues that win the donation will be very deserving

The following pug rescues that participated in the 2009 scrapbook contest. 
(in alphabetical order)

Pug Partners of Omaha Nebraska.
Pug Rescue of San Diego
Southwestern PA pugs with special needs

Good Luck,
I could never decide,  they are all amazing.

Sure was fun doing them and having so many contribute to this too from near and far for GMPR:)  We will cross paws that we won- but man I can’t wait to see what everyone did:) That is the best part of this:)

hugs to you all who contributed!!




The 69 scrapbook pages are posted on the website.  They are all beautiful,  since the theme this year is Senior Pugs.

Please check them out.  They are finally posted.  www.milwaukeepugfest.com
I will post the winners on this site as soon as the winners and rescues have been notified.

Karen Powers-GMPR


wow there are some beautiful pages there! wonderful work everyone!!



The judges had an extremely difficult time.

$100 to GMPR for submitting 32 outstanding 12 x 12 pages

1st place BABY GIRL by Jana Papa SEPRA $250
2nd place WHEN LOVE TAKES YOU IN by Lynn Carter GMPR $150

honorable mentions in alphabetical order of artist
A BUG’S LIFE by Anne Ainsworth Pug Rescue of San Diego $50
TEDDY BEAR by Jana Papa SEPRA $50
TRUE LOVE by Jennifer Traficante SW PA Pugs with special needs $50

A special donation of $50 to be directed to Pug Rescue of San Diego in memory of Mr. Bones.
Mr. Bones (Braveheart, Billy Bones) was featured on Barbara McNair’s scrapbook page.
He crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Feb 2nd, 2009.
He was starved and suffered abuse that resulted in brain damage.
He will not be forgotten in Milwaukee, San Diego and hopefully all the hearts that forever love the senior pug.
Go in Peace, little Man!

A $25 donation will go to the following rescues for participating:
Mid Atlantic
Pug Partners of Omaha

I am so thrilled that there were so many entries!  COngrats to all the winners.  I am glad that sw pa folks got some winnings:) They have just started out and have a lot in vet bills. 

Awesome work everyone.  Jan your work is awesome:)


Karen Powers

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