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Friday, March 13, 2009

Plants that Poison Pets

Sunday kicks off National Poison Prevention Week and the ASPCA is doing their part by releasing a video describing plants that are dangerous to four legged friends.  Be sure to check out the ASPCA’s 17 Plants that Poison Pets video.

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Sharon and Penny


Everyone should take note of this.  We almost lost our cat, Katie a few years ago because of a ‘Flame Lily’ flower that we had in a vase inside.  She brushed against it a couple of times, think the pollen caused the problems.  She became dreadfully ill with kidney/bladder problems.  I have since removed all dangerous plants from my garden and am very fussy about what cut flowers I have inside.  Have given away gift arrangements on many occasions as Penny and Katie are just too precious to risk their health.



I read the ASPCA article.  In the past I have had some of these plants, but fortunately, have never had a problem.  I don’t take chances with them anymore.  The risk is not worth it when it comes to prescious babies.



I’m an avid gardener and I keep a printed list in my purse so that it’s always handy when I go shopping for plants.

Thanks for posting this! It’s amazing how many people just don’t stop to think about the plants that they’re pets have access to and the potential hazards they may cause.

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