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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What’s in a name?

I came across an interesting article in USA Today about how the most popular names for dogs are names that have more of a human ring to it.  Using their list of insured pets, Veterinary Pet Insurance came up with the top ten names of male and female dogs.  The top three names for each gender are listed below.


  1. Max
  2. Buddy
  3. Rocky


  1. Bella
  2. Molly
  3. Lucy

So why have dog lovers ditched the traditional names like Spot and Buddy.  Many believe it has to do with pets being more and more apart of our family.  I tend to agree.  Afterall, my boys are named Benjamin and Henry.  And if we got to name Luna she would have had a more traditional human name too.

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Eryn with a Y


I’m naming my pug Lucy. But I’m still being original, since her full name is Lucifer smile



We have 2 boys. Augustus Fred & Jake…

We call them Gus & Jake, but have many pet names such as: Fooser (for Gus) Geeg and GeeJoshwa for Jake, among others.

So, not sure about the rest of you, but I would imagine there are others out there like my girlfriend and I that call our pugs evolving names!!!



Our daughter pick out our (“boys’)name, Mr. Skittles, but I just call him baby most of the time. But she did say if we had of picked out a female, she would have named her Isabella. Cute ,eh?

Darci and Abbey the Pug


My pug’s name is actually Aberdeen, after Aberdeen, South Dakota.  We got her the week after we sold my grandparent’s house and moved my grandpa out.  That was my favorite place in the world!  So, hence, her name became Aberdeen and we call her Abbey.



I guess I’m the minority.  I like non-human names for pets.  Sleighbelle has that name since she was a Christmas present from my brother.  Birdy has that name because she coos like a bird when you love on her.

Some names of my childhood dogs include: Buttons, Scrapper, and Zipper.



My boys (Benee and Frank) are the “kids” that I didn’t have LOL! My man always says “thank God you didn’t have children - they would be whiny little spoiled rotten brats!” LOL!



Christina, I’ve always loved Sleighbelle’s name, and I’m glad to know how she got it! 

My Bennie’s actually named after my favorite quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger!  I live in Texas now, but I’m still a Pittsburgh girl (Steeler fan) at heart!

Ivy M. Andrews


I have 3 pugs. The female’s name is Wheezy Peanut. My black male pug is Charlie and my fawn male is Bugsy Malone. I also have a Lasa/Shih Tzu mix named Spanky O’Dandy. I think names should fit the animal’s personality.



My husband was a former prizefighter, way way way back in the days, and believe it or not he had the nickname Rocky (long before Stallone had it), so naturally, he wanted a Pug named Rocky.  It only followed, then, that since Rocky’s sister came with the package that her name most certainly should be Adrian (Yo!), (but my “pet” name for her is Adie)! And it’s quite ironic that Rocky is a timid little “chicken-****” and Adie’s a tough little bitch who rules the roost!  Go figure…



our pugs are genevieve and luke. we didnt name them but i have always given my dogs people names. our 13 yr old beagle that died in november of last year was buddy.i have had a pekingnese named bobby, one named elizabeth and one named judy. also the black lab that i had until i was 14 was named jack. my dogs are more than pets to me, they really are a part of the family. Oh, i forgot, when i first got married many years ago, i had two collies they were jeff and andy. i just think they deserve people names.



oh my, i forgot about our pit bull mix, molly. she weighs 70 lbs. but thinks she is a pug. they really keep her in line. she is such a gentle dog even if she is so big.



LOL…funny we have Chloe, Zoey, and then Rosie and Marty…Rosie and Marty are named for my inlaws….wonder if they’d mind?



punchbugpug, i think your in-laws would be honored. my youngest daughter’s name is brandi, the first time i heard that as a name was for a saint bernard that our neighbors had. i dont think i have ever told her that she was kinda named for a dog.



We named ours IsaBella because I have always loved that name. We call her Bella though or Bella-Bong (my daughters got the nickname from the clothing line Billabong). Our pom is name Hope Everlasting and our rottie is named Blazie (cause hubby is a firefighter and said her orange markings reminded him of fire) So we go both human and non human.



Our pug princess is named Little Miss Piggy Pie….

LOL, and at 8 months old, she’s true to form.

Garry Bratman


My pug Rosie had three male pups.  I named them
Fred, Ralph and Reuben.  They’ve all gone to
doggie heaven now, but I’m getting a new male
and I’m going to name him Harris.



Well, we have 3 dogs (2 pugs and a maltese). Marley is the oldest (11) and I think his name came from the obvious. Susie Q (1 1/2), I think her name is from the song that says “Oh Susie Q baby I love you”, it would play in my head when she was a little puppy and we just brought her home and she’d run around like a crazy dog. So Abby has the name I wanted to give my first born. But then I thought what if we didnt have a girl and I got impatient….But susie Q often gets called Moo Cow b/c well she loves food and Marley is Mooley for the same reason. Abby gets AbbyDoodle and I have no idea why or where it came from. They have many names…but they are the center of our family and our focus right now so thats why.



We named our Pug Kaia (KY-YA).Its pretty and kind of sounds like my daughters name Kiley, so she likes that.



I named my pug Yoda because he’s the opposite of peaceful. He’s a wild man.



My pug’s name is Mooey. Well, her real name is Mulan, Baby Mulan when she was a puppy (hey, I was 4 when I named her) Obviously, after the Disney princess Mulan.



I named my pug Gatsby. I did not want a typical/common name for such a unique dog. People seem to like the name, but a lot of people who don’t know the reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald just can’t get the name right. Kids call him Gassy (even though pugs are very gassy!) or Gaspy. He even once came home from the vet with a tag calling him Garsby. LOL



I have 2 pugslies   7 & 8 years old.
My boys names are Beetle(8) & Chopper(7) wink



We’re getting a male pug puppy in July from a breeder that we are naming “Chesney”.  We are fans of country music and singer Kenny Chesney, so we thought the name would be cute!



My little puggy poo’s name is Bunion; yeah, like the little nugget on some people’s feet. And he is definitely our love lump!



My pug’s name is Knox. I named after Johnny Knoxville! My car License Plate says KNOX. I love my pug he is the best thing I ever had!!!



We have two pugs our female who we had first is named Hera Vale hera after the goddess and Vale after Vicky Vale from batman. When we added the boy it only made sense to follow the same pattern and name Him Zeus wayne (just like bruce wayne from batman!)



I have two beautiful pugs. Although I had thought of names for my male dog…... I didn’t name him until I saw him for the first time and picked him up, looked into that adorable face and said, “Welcome to the world…..you shall be called Jackson!” The name just came to me; it seemed to “fit” him.
Three years later, I desperately wanted a new puupy to keep Jackson company. This time I wanted a little girl. I chose her name by envisioning a sweet,little girl pug who would be full of “Sugar and spice and everything nice!” I named that little pug “Whitney.” Well, the name did NOT fit Whitney. She was not the shy, sweet, little bundle of joy which I had expected…... she should have been named “Wild One!!” Oh, she is adorable and obedient and can be so sweet; but she seems to think of herself as a hunting dog. She traps armadillos, eats lizards, tries to eat Jackson’s food, etc. But, she is comical, cute, loving and well behaved….......and most of all we love them both.



We have Petunia- who was named for Porkey Pig’s girlfriend, (Petunia Pig) because she was this little snorter in the car on the ride home from her breeder, and Bernie who was named for former Cleveland Browns quarter back, Bernie Kosar (my husband always said if we have a boy can we name him Bernie- tough name for a kid, not so bad for a puggie!).

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