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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Caption This #362

Henry and Cupid

Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Henry Cam

We almost never watch commercials, but we happened to catch this one on TV the other day and both of us almost fell out of our chairs.

Not only is DropCam the camera that we use to keep any eye on Henry while we are at work, the dog in the commercial is also named Henry!

Henry totally could have been the star of this commercial!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Benny!


Today, Benny would have turned 13 years old! There is only one thing I miss in these pictures, and that is Baby Benny. The snow, I don't miss that one bit.

But since it has been such a snowy winter in many places, I thought we would share our favorite Baby Benny snow pics. In Benny's young and wild pug days, the snow never really bothered him. It always seemed to get him fired up and make him want to run around. When we got a lot of snow he loved to run up and down the snow piles created by the snow plows.


I can only remember one really miserable time. We had taken the boys out after we had quite a bit of snow and it was still actively snowing. The snow was too deep for the boys to easily get around and it was super cold out. Their paws got too cold and we quickly went back inside to warm up.


But, give Benny a light dusting and he would run around like crazy!


So for all of our OBP friends that have had enough snow this year, I hope Spring has finally come and is melting away all the white stuff that old man winter brought you.

Happy Birthday Baby Benny! You are missed more than you will ever know.

Thursday, March 26, 2015



As many of you know, this winter has been a doozy! This can be said for many states but for today, I am talking about our home state of Maryland (and where G'Ma and G'Pa still live). Well, G'Ma and G'Pa are now mostly retired and are considering moving South or at least possibly snowbirding. They are not looking for anything fancy and saw something that they may be interested in. So, on our adventures out with Henry, we drove by the place they are looking into and we decided to send G'Ma and G'Pa a photo of Henry "visiting them" but Henry was so smart that he knew that they were not really there. (Hence the bummed look on Henry's face when he discovered no G'Parents. Boo!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Golf Anyone?


Before all the poop hit the fan and everyone in the OBP household got sick (and a few crossed the rainbow bridge), I was starting to take up golf. Only sort of, though. Nothing serious. At my job we sometimes take a golf break where we go to the driving range and shag balls to relieve stress, brainstorm and get some fresh air. Well, I was just starting to practice this on the weekends, too when things started to slip. Now, though, that things are starting settle, I thought I'd give it a whirl and since Henry doesn't stay home alone (except while we work), we decided to see what the folks at the golf place would say. So, we brought Henry to the driving range in hopes of them allowing him with us. And Hooray for Henry! He is allowed there! So between Lowe's and the golf place, they will be getting all of our business! Both are Henry friendly and close to home!

#HenryGoesGolfing #HenryNicklaus #HenryStrong

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Caption This #361


Looking forward to your captions in the comments.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Memorial Park

Memorial Park

Always up for looking for something new and exciting that will be good for Henry, we stumbled upon another park close to home. This one we have known about but there are several bridges that go over a lake. That is why we had not been there before with the 3 pugs. Benny was not a fan of bridges (or piers, or board walks, or anything with slats underfoot).This park also has a lot of bird activity (various ducks and other crazy Florida birds) and thus, we would not have been anxious to take Luna there (as her favorite pastime was rolling in bird poop)

Memorial Park

We had kind of forgotten about this park until recently when we were looking for somewhere close to go when our closest and favorite City Center path was holding a large event (and way too crowded for Henry). We recalled a park near a doctor's office park. We did not know the name of it until we made it around most of the loop. It is called Memorial Park. And while it won't soon be at the top of our favorite list, it is a good one to have as a back up. Come to find out, Henry is no longer that fond of bridges now either and without using a bridge, you have to walk the whole 7/10 of a mile. Not that 7/10 is so long, but Henry's max these days is just at half a mile or on a super cool day he could do 7/10 or 8/10 but on this day it was not Henry friendly enough weather to make it the full 7/10. So, it's that last 2/10 that is rough for Henry's "staff" that have to carry him. Unlike Benny and Luna who would kind of "help" adjust their weight and even distribute it when you had to carry them, Henry becomes like a wet bag of sand. He is not only dead weight but then he gets kind of "slippery" and is not easy to carry like the others were. And there is no way he would be lowered to riding in the Solsey pouch!


One of the things that was good about this park is that the sidewalks were wide and when Henry wanted to go off the path, the grassy area was pretty safe (just a few briers here and there and only the occasional ant hill. Henry could get pretty close to the water but if you give him an inch in that direction, he will take the mile for sure, so we had to be sure to keep him far enough from the water that he didn't drag us all in! Even though I know the name of this park, I will always think of it as "Duck, Duck, Henry Park" as there were so many ducks there and then there was Henry. And some of them were so big that if Henry messed with them, his goose would be cooked!

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