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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bath Time


With all the fun Henry has been having lately he was way overdue for a bath. Henry has never minded bath time, but this time he was a little tuckered out from all his adventures. If we would have let him, I think he would have fallen asleep in the tub.

Thursday, January 23, 2014



Like most pugs, Benjamin, Henry and Luna despise getting their nails trimmed. A few years ago, we started using a dremmel to grind the boys' toenails. We tried using it on Luna, but she hated it even worse than the regular nail trimmers, so we still use the clippers for her.

While the boys tolerate the nail grinding they certainly don't like it. Just look at Benny's face. He could not be more perturbed.

Thursday, January 17, 2013



About a year ago, we switched from nail clippers to a nail grinder. The toenail cutting process in general is very hectic, but the switch to the nail grinder has helped tremendously. The only problem is that Luna is terrified of the toenail grinder. We are not really sure what she is afraid of, but while her brothers are getting their nails trimmed Luna likes to hang out in the bathroom. When it is her turn to have her nails trimmed she is very cooperative. She sits very still, but as soon as she is done she makes a beeline to get away from the evil nail grinder.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Bride & Groomer

Henry and Luna

When we adopted Luna, we knew that she had eye issues. After a few years, we finally found a routine and drop combination that works for her. However, in addition to the vet's prescribed drops, Henry has also taken it upon himself to give Luna's eyes a daily cleaning.

He gives Luna's face (and sometimes her eyeball) a thorough tongue washing each night. I used to fuss at him for it, but Luna doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she seems to like it. Some nights, I see her walk over and lay down next to Henry knowing full well that if she lays down next to him he will give her face a good cleaning.

Henry and Luna

Henry and Luna

Monday, April 23, 2012

Post Bath

Henry and Luna

While Benny was off being perturbed about his bath and pink towel, Henry and Luna were fast asleep on the bed. They were also getting their revenge for the baths by getting our pillows wet wink


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Dremel


I don't know how your pugs do with toenail clipping, but nail clipping around here is an absolute disaster. The pugs have to be bribed and even then they are still a wiggly, uncooperative mess. And the worst part is their toenails grow so fast!

So, we decided to buy a Dremel made for pets. For the boys, the Dremel has worked wonders! I can't remember the last time Benjamin's toenails were as short as they are now. And we are hoping that his quicks will recede over time so we can get his nails even shorter.

Luna, on the other hand, has different thoughts about the Dremel. She has taken to hiding whenever we break out the Dremel. So, it looks like Luna is sticking to the nail clippers.

Monday, November 14, 2011



We have been doing a bit of Fall cleaning lately and look who ended up in the laundry basket. The circles in the laundry basket make Henry look like he is in some sort of vortex.

Henry did skip the wash and instead got a nice long bath in the tub.

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