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Friday, March 21, 2014



Well, look who I found sitting in the shade! The sun loving pug!

The weather has been so gorgeous that we have had a hard time getting Henry to come in the house. The sun is getting a bit stronger so Henry lays in the sun for a bit, then moves to the shade, then moves back to the sun. Benjamin and Luna are such polar opposites of Henry that we have taken to calling them the house dwellers. They go outside, go potty and then want to go right back in. If the weather is nice enough Benjamin can be persuaded to spend a little time outside, but not Luna. She wants no parts of the great outdoors.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Take a Walk With Us

We put the stroller to the test again last week when we took the pugs out for a walk. Like last time, we started with an empty stroller and let Luna and Benjamin take a ride whenever they tuckered out. I took some video of the walk. From the clip, it doesn't seem like the walk was very long, but I edited it down to keep from boring everyone. Luna walked much farther than the clip indicates wink

Monday, February 24, 2014

Top Down


Benjamin and Luna are coming a round a bit on the doggie stroller. They have never been big fans of getting wheeled around, but as it gets harder and harder for them to keep up with Henry they are seeing that the stroller isn't such a bad thing. On our last outing, we let them keep the top down and they really liked that. The deal was the top could stay down as long as they sat down and didn't try and jump out (like Sol did one time). They kept up their end of the bargain so we kept the top down for the entire walk.

When we first set off for our walk, the stroller was empty and everyone was walking. Luna tired out first, so she was the first occupant of the stroller. I think she got a little too used to having the wheels all to herself, because when Benny tired out, she wasn't too happy that he was joining her.

Benjamin and Luna

In Luna's defense, Ben did act like he owned the place when he got in.

Benjamin and Luna

But, after a while, Luna wiggled her way to the front and let Benny know that he needed to shove over a bit.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I have been using a new cloud based photo organization service and one of the things that I love is that it gives you flashbacks of pictures taken the same day in your photo library. On Sunday, when I opened up the app, I saw this picture taken with the pugs just 1 year ago.

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

We were looking for something to do with the pugs, so we thought it would be fun to take the pugs to the same park and snap another picture of them in front of this awesome downed tree. Here is this year's version.

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

It doesn't look like much has changed. Everyone has the same harnesses and leashes. Henry just forgot where he was sitting last year wink

Friday, December 6, 2013

Too Much Vacation

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

Benjamin, Henry and Luna had a great time on their trip, but once we were back home they were exhausted! This was the sight when we took them to go potty. Instead of doing their business, they all just sat down for a little rest in the warm FL sunshine. I felt the same way and if the neighbors wouldn't have thought it weird, I would have laid right down with them. wink

Thursday, December 5, 2013

My How They’ve Grown

Benjamin and Henry

No trip to MD would be complete without seeing G-Ma and G-Pa. This was the first time that Luna went to see G-Ma and G-Pa. Usually they come to visit her, so imagine her surprise when we got out of the car and there was G-Ma and G-Pa.

The boys were super happy to be back and wasted no time getting outside and hanging out by their favorite tree. The tree has stayed the same, but two little puggies have sure grown up. (Not to mention, my camera is much better now too!)

Benjamin and Henry

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lake Needwood

Lake Needwood

No trip back to MD with the boys would be complete without a stop at Lake Needwood. We took the boys to the lake all the time when we lived in MD and couldn't wait to bring them back for another visit after an 8 year hiatus.

The boys didn't remember the park from their puppy days, but they were still happy to be at such a gorgeous spot.

Benjamin, Henry and Luna

They spent a lot of time walking off trail in the grass. Luna was fascinated by the grass in MD. It is so much thinner and softer than the grass we have in FL. Luna was also curious why all the tree in MD were shedding so bad. There were leaved everywhere. In FL, Luna is used to the trees keeping their leaves.

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