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Monday, February 13, 2006

A trip to the dog park

Luna's first visit to the dog park

We didn’t have any big plans for Sunday so we thought it would be a good day to take a drive and go to the big dog park in Jacksonville and let the boys and little Luna run around.  This was Luna’s first trip to the park so we were curious to see how she would do in such a huge park with so many dogs.

Luna handled it like everything else that has been thrown her way the past two weeks since we have adopted her.  PERFECTLY!  She was the perfect little lady playing with many of the other pugs and small dogs in the park.  The only tip-off that this was her first visit to the park, was that she fell into the pond in the small dog section.

The small dog section of the park has a small pond at one end where dogs can cool off.  Luna thought of the pond more like a puddle and when she was chasing Benjamin & Henry around the pond she thought she would get a leg up by cutting through the middle of the “puddle”.  Well to her surprise the “puddle” was a little bit deeper than she thought.  All in all, she handled it well.  She quickly swam to the edge and shook herself off.  Surprisingly, she wasn’t phased by any of it.

We had towels in the car, so we got her dry and put one of Henry’s old sweaters on her to help keep her warm for the rest of the trip.

The boys were up to their usually antics.  Running around the sand pile, going through the tunnels and chasing other dogs at the park.  They did a good job looking after their little sister and making sure she didn’t stray too far from the pack.

The boys running around the sand pile at the park


Monday, May 23, 2005

Pug Meetup

Sunday was the pug meetup at Dog Wood park and it was absolutely fabulous!  The event was from 2pm-4pm and during that time the boys must have met 30 or more puggies (unfortunately, all the pugs weren’t there at the same time, but they trickled in and out during the two hour event).  The boys had a blast and even though it was pretty hot and humid, there was a small pond to cool off the pugs.  This guy really knew how to keep cool.

After the boys had some fun splashing in the pond, we took a walk on some of the fenced in trails.  Benjamin and Henry really love running back and forth on the trails.  Here is an action shot of the boys, Benjamin is in the lead (because Henry let’s him think he is faster)


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dog Wood Park

This weekend we took a trip to Dog Wood park in Jacksonville.  It is a bit far from the house, but this 25 acre fenced dog park complete with lakes, trails, tunnels and agility equipment is definitely worth the drive!

Here are some pictures from our time at the park.

Benjamin cools off in Lake Bow Wow

Henry comes running back after checking out the big tire.

The boys stop to pose for a picture while walking on the fenced trail.


Monday, February 7, 2005

Long time no post

Sorry for not posting much recently, but life has been pretty uneventful lately.  The weather has been chilly and it has snowed the last two weekends.  So what isn’t covered in snow is a muddy mess from the snow melting.

Despite the bad weather, the boys and I were ready to get outside and have some fun.  So, yesterday we made a point to go to the dog park.  We went very early in the morning while the ground was still frozen to help avoid a lot of the mud.  There were about five other dogs there who’s owners all had the same idea about coming early while things were still frozen, so the boys had plenty of playmates.

When things warmed up and the park started turning to mud we left and went to the children’s playground area to play on the jungle gym.  The boys love to climb on the jungle gym and go down the sliding boards.  This jungle gym was very large and had 6 different slides.  I was very proud of them because they even went down the tunnel slides that are curved.  They usually hesitate and try to avoid the enclosed slides but yesterday they were up for anything!


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