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Friday, August 26, 2011

More Ear Cleaning

Luna and Henry

Henry was on ear cleaning duty again this weekend. It is very helpful that Henry is on top of ear cleaning. In addition to ears, Henry also like to clean eyes. He does a good job at that as well, except sometimes he almost licks the eye drops right out of Luna's eyes. He is on top of his grooming job a little bit too much some days.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Post Bath

Luna and Henry

Last night, 3 stinky pugs got brushed and bathed.

The pugs always shed, but they seem to go through spurts when they shed 10 times worse than usual. Right now is one of those times. When we brushed them in the backyard last night, the fur was flying! There were little tufts of fur flying everywhere! If we collected it all, I'm sure we would have had enough to make a fourth pug from it.

After the pugs were brushed, to the bath they went. They definitely left a ring around the tub because they were quite dirty puggers.


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Olivia Newton Benny


The shaved patches on Benny's front paws from his surgery keep reminding me of wristbands. Which for some reason has the song "Physical" by Olivia Newton John stuck in my head.

Don't ask me how I made the leap but for the last few days all I have been singing is "Let's get physical, physical,..."

In other news, Benjamin had his stitches taken out and his incision is healing very nicely. I am very happy to see him on the mend and getting back to being his spunky little self.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Positive


One good thing to come out of Monday's sedation/surgery is that Benjamin got a very good toenail clipping. There was no fight, no fuss, no Cheerio negotiations, no "We'll do the back ones another day". Just a nice, short toenail trimming. However, I'm sure he is expecting some Cheerio back pay.

Friday, May 14, 2010

High Maintenance


I think Benjamin's wrinkles are one of his best features. Not only do they add to his charm, but they are also very kissable. But, take Benjamin's deep wrinkles and throw in a bit of the FL heat and humidity and you have the perfect recipe for stinkles.

So, when the temps start to rise we really need to be on top of Benny's wrinkle cleaning. If we miss just one cleaning, you can tell. Plus, if his wrinkles get too dirty he will take cleaning them into his own hands and will start rubbing his face on his paws and scratching at them with his hind paws. I hate for him to be uncomfortable so we do our very best to never let them get that dirty. But, it is amazing how dirty his wrinkles can get after a long walk or a quick trip to the dog park.

So from now until sometime in October, Benny has a date with me each morning to get a deep wrinkle cleaning. Plus, he gets one more quick face wipe before bed. Nobody said being so darn cute was easy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Pet Storage

The new entertainment center

Well, it has been 2 weeks now since Grampy gave us his “hand me down” television. It is a doozie of TV. It is so big actually that we had to buy a whole new entertainment center for it.  A few weekends ago we went furniture shopping to find something to go in the living room. We hunted all over when we finally landed at IKEA.  At IKEA we settled for the “million piece, you assemble at home if you can follow the pictures” model.  Between moving the old entertainment center and filling the new one, it took a full 2 weeks to get the living room back in order.

Cupid in the drawer

Cupid on the bookcase

One of the reason we liked this entertainment center so much was that it had a lot of storage.  You can see that the cat thought that it was a new bed and play house built just for her. She is always anxious to lend a helping paw.

Now that it all assembled you can see what those drawers are actually used for.

Harnesses & Collars


Nails & Meds
The treats actually are kept in the kitchen.

Yes, almost the whole entertainment center is used for doggy accoutrement. There is a drawer for collars & harnesses, another for leashes and 2 for costumes. Yet another drawer is dedicated to ear cleaner, eye drops, a nail grinder and teeth cleaning products. Goodness gracious, I think the pugs have officially taken over! You would think that Paris Hilton herself lived here and needed the extra “closet space”. On the bright side, everything is now in one central location instead of scattered all over the house in crevices of storage here & there.

You may also notice that we stuck to the pug colored décor. This is always beneficial to limit the showing of dog hair!

As far as the pugs’ opinions, well, they don’t even seem to notice. Benny is a little overwhelmed watching TV with us more so than before. He gets particularly anxious and barky when we watch Greatest American Dog and It’s Me or the Dog. Those now life size pups are a real “threat” to his home.  He also isn’t too fond of the Nasonex Bee or the Geico caveman.  Those commercials always get a few puffs from him.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

After bath aftermath

Benjamin, Henry & Luna each got baths on Sunday.  They were quite smelly so not only did we bathe them but we washed pretty much everything they come in contact with, which meant the house smelled really good on Sunday.

After his bath, Benny always gets fired up and runs around like a wild man.  Here is a little video of him running around the living room.  At around 16 seconds you will seem him stop and smell under the laundry room door.  There is blueberry bread behind that door!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fluff & Dry

Get off of my cloud

After the holidays, the pugs seemed to be filthier than ever.  Benny’s face was filled with dirty wrinkles (and his lip was still taking some time to heal.) Henry’s feet smelled of old cheese doodles.  And Luna, well, she is always a mess.  (Not sure how she’s always the dirtiest of the bunch when she has the least amount of fur.)

So, it was bath time again.  The reason this bath time was a little different was because Santa had brought the humans of the house a nice fluffy little throw rug for their bedroom.  After their bathes the pugs always rip & tear through the house.  While this bath time was the norm with the rip & tear routine what was different was that eventually they settled onto the new fluffy throw rug to complete their drying cycle.

At some points it even seemed like the pugs were floating on a fluffy white cloud.  While they may have been little terrors in the tub, they do look like little angels in these photos.




Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Caption This #7

Luna & Benjamin

This week’s Caption This is courtesy of Luna & Benjamin.  Luna has just finished up with her bath and is wrapped in her robe waiting to get out of the shower and Benjamin is on the outside looking in.  As always, leave your wonderful,  witty captions in the comments.

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