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Monday, March 5, 2007

Beach Day

Benjamin, Henry & Luna at the beach

Sunday was an absolute gorgeous day and we decided to go to the beach and take advantage of the weather before it gets unbearably hot here.  Instead of going to our regular beach, we took a drive to another dog beach in a neighboring town.  This park has a lot more room for dogs to run around.

The boys & Luna playing

Since it was their first time at the park, the boys and Luna were very fired up.  They had a blast running in the sand and in and out of the water.  I think they liked the fact that the beach was very wide and they could run huge circles around us.

Dead Fish

While strolling along the beach, we came across this guy.  Luna and Henry didn’t really bother with him too much, but Benny was obsessed with him.  We didn’t let him get too close, but he kept trying to flop on his back and roll over it.  I have no clue why.  Benjamin is just a very odd kind of guy.

Henry soaking up the sun

Everyone had a lot of fun, but I think Henry enjoyed the day the most.  We sat on the beach for a bit and watched the boats go by, so Henry had a chance to soak up the sun and get some petting.  For Henry, it doesn’t really get any better than that!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Tricks for Treats at Grammy’s

Henry with Grammy

The pugs are very fortunate to have 2 sets of grandparents.  G’Ma & G’Pa live in Maryland while Grammy lives here in Florida just a few doors away.  There are occasions when each pug gets to take a special trip to Grammy’s house right up the street.  Tonight was Henry’s turn.  While the 3 pugs are sometimes all at Grammy’s house at once, it is much more manageable when they go up in singles.  (The fact that Grammy has 4 cats and don’t really have the love of pugs the rest of have also makes it easier when they visit one at a time.)

So, this evening a little errand had to be run to Grammy’s house and Henry really wanted to go.  Henry is definitely the smartest and completely understands the question:  Do you want to go to Grammy’s?  When he was asked this time the answer was no different.  He raced to the door, got hooked to his leash and dragged “his human” straight up the road.  Usually we visit Grammy in daylight hours and use her back door but since it was already dark the front door was the safer entrance.  Henry, known for being a little lazy and enjoying his short cuts, though, still tried to use the rear entrance to Grammy’s.  When he was told to use the other door, Henry immediately changed his path and headed for the correct entry.

Once there, Henry darted to the kitchen where Grammy was waiting.  She had her box of cereal (special Grammy dog treats) nearby just for the king of all pugs.  As soon as he saw the box, Henry sat and went into the down position going back and forth between his 2 “tricks” to see just how many treats he could get.  All the while Grammy was enjoying having the most well behaved of the 3 pugs at her house.  (When any of the 3 pugs are by themselves they each can be the perfect single dog with Henry topping the list.)

Henry sitting

Henry in down

Henry was only mostly a good boy at Grammy’s, though.  After getting plenty of Kashi cereal bites, Henry decided to take a nibble into the cats’ food bowls.  Fortunately, Henry also knows the command “leave it” and after being fussed at, Henry laid off the cat chow.  Just when it was time to go home, Grammy pulled out all the stops.  She offered Henry some ham lunch meat.  Whoa!  So, again, Henry goes into sit and down positions while he anxiously awaited more yummy treats.  At the mere smell of the ham, Henry’s eyes almost popped out of his head.  He ate it not even chewing it.  It made Grammy wonder how Henry even knew that he liked it.  Could he even get a taste?

Needless to say, Henry made out like a bandit!  He had a very good day.  Now, if he could figure out how to make a pit stop at Grammy’s every day, he’d be living high on the hog!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Henry’s the Man

Henry holding his own bone

We got the boys as puppies when they were only 8 and 9 weeks old.  Baby Benny is actually a week older than Henry but he’s still the “baby.”  Henry, however, is a natural leader and far more serious and (sorry Ben but…) intelligent of the 2 boys.  It is pretty obvious that they are high maintenance puggies.  It is all our fault.  We made them that way.  When they were little we would hold them all the time, hold their bones for them and give in to their every need.

Finally, however, Henry can chew a bone on his own.  Benjamin can, too, but he will do everything in his power to get someone to hold it for him instead.  Henry, though, is a big boy and he can do it on his own now.

Henry holding his own bone

It definitely goes to show you that how you are raised greatly impacts on what you are like as an adult.  You see, Little Luna who has probably never even had a bone in her life until she came here, holds her bone with confidence because she has always had to do things on her own.  No one has ever done anything for her.  She does not need any help.  She has even tackled bones that are bigger than she is!  That’s why Henry is the man and Baby Benny will forever be the Baby.  Little Luna, well, she’s in a league all her own.  She is more like a Cinderella story in a scrappy sort of way.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What We Love

As a tribute to Valentine’s Day, the pugs would like to recap some of the things that they love.

Benjamin, of course, loves food.  Here are some of Benjamin’s finer moments with food.  There’s Benny waiting for pumpkin bread.  Benny trying to walk off with Luna’s birthday cake and even Benjamin sleeping with his bone.  That’s a true pug for you!  A pug that loves food!

Benjamin waiting for pumpkin bread

Benjamin and the birthday cake

Benjamin napping with his bone

Then there’s Henry.  He isn’t quite as shallow as Baby Benny.  Henry loves simple things.  Henry is more like a Jimmy Buffet kind of dog.  He loves relaxing in the pool in his pug tug and also going to the beach.

Henry in the pug tug

Henry at the beach

Luna, the diva of the trio, has definitely learned to love the finer things in life.  Being the girly girl she is, she loves her fashion!  Luna also has a multiple love of birthday parties.  There’s cake and couture!  What else could a lady need?

Luna in her dress

Luna at her birthday party

Needless to say, though, they also love each other!

Sunning themselves

Relaxing on vacation

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  May you and yours feel the love all day everyday!



Monday, February 12, 2007

Beach Party

At the beach

We haven’t been to the dog beach in some time, so this weekend we decided the pugs were due for a much needed beach day.  Baby Benny and Luna had been bouncing off the walls at home with endless energy so going to the beach was the perfect way to tire them out.  There is just something about the sand that makes all three want to run and run and run.

Playing chase at the beach

Benjamin, Henry & Luna didn’t disappoint.  As soon as we got to the beach, they started romping around.  In the shot above, you can see Benjamin & Henry are “it” and Luna is about to be tagged.

Benjamin & Henry getting their paws wet

The water was a little chilly, but that didn’t stop Benjamin & Henry from going out and getting their paws wet.  Luna dipped a toe or two in, but for the most part she stayed on dry land.

Benny in the water

Benny was feeling particularly adventuresome and he went in the water the farthest he has ever been before.  Most of the time, Benny hangs right by the shore, but this time he ventured out a few paces.  The funny thing with Benny is that he goes out a little bit and then once he realizes how far out he is he turns and runs as fast as he can to shore.  You can see the light bulb go off in his head that says, “Oh, no!  Benny is too far from shore!”

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Simple Question

If you ask the simple question, “Do you want to go?” in our house, you will find that you get quite a response.  The other night, we had to run to the Post Office and we thought we would grab some Ritter’s on the way home.  It was a nice night out so we thought we would ask Benjamin, Henry & Luna if they wanted to join us.  Here was there response…

A quick word of caution to those who may be reading this in a quiet office or some other peaceful location.  This video contains crazy pug barking, so make sure you have your sound properly adjusted before playing it.

A Simple Question on Vimeo

If you are wondering where that shrill, high pitched squeal is coming from - that is the infamous Baby Benny.  I wouldn’t say he barks, he more or less shrieks.  The other barking is coming from Henry and while Luna is excitedly running around, she never barks in the video.  Instead, she leaves all that to her brothers!  Who would have thought that two little pugs could make so much noise!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas from Benjamin, Henry & Luna

G-Ma and G-Pa are coming to town, so that means that the pugs are going to go from spoiled to super spoiled this week.

The stockings

I hope everyone has a safe and festive holiday season!  Everyone here at the Pug Blog, including Benjamin, Henry and Luna, wish you good cheer this holiday season.

To help celebrate,  here are a few of our old holiday photos from before we even had Luna.  Its hard to believe there was a time that little Luna wasn’t part of the pack.  In any case, these photos of Benny and Henry always make me smile.  Benjamin is in his Santa outfit and Henry is dressed as a reindeer and he is not one bit amused by his outfit.

Benjamin as Santa


Henry the Reindeer

Monday, December 18, 2006

No Respect


On Sunday, we took a break from the mall and all our holiday shopping and went to the beach with the pugs.  Someone had built this cute little “sandman” and inevitably Benny had to pee on it.


Henry could not, of course, be out done by his brother so he got in on the action.


And Luna, who happens to be headless in this shot due to her mother’s photography skills, had to prove that anything her brothers could do she could do better!

Friday, July 7, 2006

Playing at the beach

Playing at the beach

There is just something about the sand that gets everyone fired up and ready to run.  Every time we go to the beach, the pugs run in and out of the water and all around the beach.  They run hard and they play hard.  In the picture above, Luna is in the process of pouncing on Benny and shortly after she lands, Henry is going to pommel both of them.

Before we adopted Luna they told us that she was just a little girl.  I wasn’t concerned at first because I thought it would be cool to have a little one running around and I really didn’t think she would be much smaller than Baby Benny.  However, when I met her, all that kept running through my head was this girl is tiny.  Both of the boys tower over her!  Soaking wet Luna only weighs about 12lbs and Henry has at least 10lbs on her.

After meeting Luna and seeing how tiny she is and knowing how rough the boys play I became very concerned and I was just sure that the boys were going to hurt Luna while everyone was playing.  My worries were all put to rest the first moment the three of them started playing.  Luna is a spitfire!  She is quick, agile, extremely flexible and possibly plays the roughest of the three.

The beach is a great place for her to let loose and burn off some of her energy.  The boys just love to have her chase them and I am glad that she doesn’t make it easy on them.  She really keeps the boys on their toes.

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Birthday Boys

Benjamin & Henry

This past week both Benjamin & Henry celebrated their 4th birthday.  Benjamin turned 4 on March 27 and Henry turned 4 on April 3.  It is so hard for me to believe that my little boys are 4 years old already!  It seems like only yesterday that they were unruly puppies.

Birthday celebrations were pretty low-key this year, but we are going to go to Doggie Dayz this weekend to pick up Benjamin & Henry’s complimentary birthday bones!  I’m sure we will get something for little Luna too.  We don’t want the little one to feel left out.


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