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Friday, February 24, 2006

The Infamous Dog Bed

The Infamous Dog Bed

On cool days, the boys like to lounge outside my office door in the screened-in part of the yard.  They are out there a lot soaking up the sun’s rays so awhile back I thought I would buy them a nice, comfy, outdoor bed.  The bed is meant to be used outdoors and it keeps them up off the ground.  The way it is constructed the bed part sags in the middle so it is kinda like a little hammock.

When the bed finally arrived, I was very excited and as soon as I put it together I knew the boys would just love it.  Well it turns out that the boys were less than enthused.  They wanted nothing to do with the new bed and instead they opted to either sleep on one of the chairs outside or even the ground.

So the bed just said outside for a few weeks and then I noticed that the cat started using it.

Cupid on the dog bed

The cat found it plent cozy and started spending a fair amount of her time napping in the bed.  Well, wouldn’t you know that as soon as the cat started using the bed, the boys started to show some interest and suddenly the bed was good enough for them to sleep on.

So the once never used bed is now the favorite outdoor sleeping spot for everyone.


Monday, February 13, 2006

A trip to the dog park

Luna's first visit to the dog park

We didn’t have any big plans for Sunday so we thought it would be a good day to take a drive and go to the big dog park in Jacksonville and let the boys and little Luna run around.  This was Luna’s first trip to the park so we were curious to see how she would do in such a huge park with so many dogs.

Luna handled it like everything else that has been thrown her way the past two weeks since we have adopted her.  PERFECTLY!  She was the perfect little lady playing with many of the other pugs and small dogs in the park.  The only tip-off that this was her first visit to the park, was that she fell into the pond in the small dog section.

The small dog section of the park has a small pond at one end where dogs can cool off.  Luna thought of the pond more like a puddle and when she was chasing Benjamin & Henry around the pond she thought she would get a leg up by cutting through the middle of the “puddle”.  Well to her surprise the “puddle” was a little bit deeper than she thought.  All in all, she handled it well.  She quickly swam to the edge and shook herself off.  Surprisingly, she wasn’t phased by any of it.

We had towels in the car, so we got her dry and put one of Henry’s old sweaters on her to help keep her warm for the rest of the trip.

The boys were up to their usually antics.  Running around the sand pile, going through the tunnels and chasing other dogs at the park.  They did a good job looking after their little sister and making sure she didn’t stray too far from the pack.

The boys running around the sand pile at the park


Friday, February 3, 2006

Running on the beach

Benjamin, Henry and Luna at the beach

Yesterday, everyone was full of energy, so we thought we would go to the dog beach after work to give everyone a chance to run around.

This was Luna’s first trip to the beach, at least with us, so we were curious to see what she would think.  It turns out, she is very much like the boys.  As soon as her feet hit the sand she was off and running.

The boys chased Luna, Luna chased the boys and at times we weren’t sure who was chasing who.  There were just three crazy pugs running and running.

We didn’t go in the water as it was a little chilly, but Luna didn’t seem to mind getting her feet wet by running in and out of the water that was lapping on the shore.


Monday, January 16, 2006

The Beach

Henry playing at the beach

Sunday was a gorgeous day and since we haven’t been to the beach in a while we thought it would be a perfect day to take the boys to the beach and let them romp in the sand.  There is just something about the sand that gets Benjamin & Henry fired up and ready to run.  In the picture, Henry is running full steam at Benjamin and putting the moves on so that he can successfully avoid Benjamin who is getting ready to pounce.

By the time we left the boys were sufficiently tired and covered in sand, which for them is a sign of a great time!


Thursday, June 9, 2005

Pugs Bunny

Last night we got a break from the humidity and enjoyed a rather nice Florida evening.  The boys were in the yard romping around along with Cupid, the cat, and Lou, our bunny.  At 9 years old, Lou is actually the oldest of the group and he has a very patient disposition.  He loves to play tag with the cat and he doesn’t mind hanging out with the boys either.

Benjamin absolutely adores Lou.  He really looks up to his big brother (er, well he admires him, but he has to look down to see him).  So after wrestling with Henry, Benjamin went to hang out with his brother Lou.

Here is a shot of the whole gang hanging out in the yard.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Pug Meetup

Sunday was the pug meetup at Dog Wood park and it was absolutely fabulous!  The event was from 2pm-4pm and during that time the boys must have met 30 or more puggies (unfortunately, all the pugs weren’t there at the same time, but they trickled in and out during the two hour event).  The boys had a blast and even though it was pretty hot and humid, there was a small pond to cool off the pugs.  This guy really knew how to keep cool.

After the boys had some fun splashing in the pond, we took a walk on some of the fenced in trails.  Benjamin and Henry really love running back and forth on the trails.  Here is an action shot of the boys, Benjamin is in the lead (because Henry let’s him think he is faster)


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Dog Wood Park

This weekend we took a trip to Dog Wood park in Jacksonville.  It is a bit far from the house, but this 25 acre fenced dog park complete with lakes, trails, tunnels and agility equipment is definitely worth the drive!

Here are some pictures from our time at the park.

Benjamin cools off in Lake Bow Wow

Henry comes running back after checking out the big tire.

The boys stop to pose for a picture while walking on the fenced trail.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

Blue Gum Bandit

It seems there is someone on the loose in the neighborhood leaving chewed pieces of blue gum strewn about the neighborhood.  For Henry, this is the greatest find on his walks since he came across a trail of cheerios last fall.  It has been a bit frustrating for me because I have pulled at least 7 pieces of gum out of his mouth since Monday.

Both of the boys have done a great job learning the “drop it” command, but when it comes to gum Henry just refuses to drop it.

Hopefully, the blue gum bandit’s bubble will burst soon so our walks can get back to normal.


Saturday, February 12, 2005

Trip to the Lake

To help beat some of the winter blues we have been having lately we decided to go to the Lake to walk the trails and get some fresh air. As you can see Henry was very excited to be getting out for some much needed exercise.

Much of the lake was frozen, but I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the trails. I thought they were going to be extremely muddy, but all things considered they were in great shape.

The boys had a great time trotting down the trail and chasing each other through the leaves and up and down the hills off of the main trail.

They ran so much that on the way back even Benny, who is usually so hard to tire out, decided to take a break and relax on the bench.

It was a great day and for the boys most great days end with them getting muddy and dirty.  So next up for today is baths and brushing!


Saturday, January 22, 2005

If you can’t beat it, join it

It has been very chilly here lately and we are in the midst of a snow storm. The heavy snow is yet to come, so we decided to head out and play while there was just a dusting on the ground.

The boys both had their coats on and were running around like mad stopping to gobble up snow along the way. They kept trying to shake off the cold and any snow that may have gotten on their coats. Luckily, I was able to snap a picture of Benjamin as he was giving himself a good shake!

If the boys are up to it, we may try to venture out later after there has been some accumulation. If we do, I will be sure to post some more pics.


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